question for people who has bought a speedy bag

  1. i'm wondering if this is standard? when i bought my speedy 25, the sa folded the bag so that it would fit into the dustbag. as a result, my speedy has a slight crease where the fold was. i am curious if this is usual? it really bothers me now that 1) there's a slight crease on my speedy bag and 2) my dust bag is too small so unless i "fold" my speedy bag, it barely fits.

    i bought it a while ago... would i be able to bring the dustbag back to the store and ask for a bigger one?
  2. The crease should work itself if you keep it unfolded and stuff it when you're not using it. I can fit my 35 in its dustbag when its "unfolded"; stuffed with my toddler's old baby clothes (good use for kids old clothes til I give em away!). You should go to your store, explain the situation; for the money you've spent you should get a large enough dustbag! Explain that you don't want the crease turning into a crack from having to store it folded!
  3. Both my speedies came with the dust bags that fit them perfectly even when stuffed. You should ask for a bigger dust bag.
  4. My Speedy 25 came folded, but I was given a big enough dust bag so the purse still fits when it's unfolded. I stuffed mine with towels and the creases went away. I wish they wouldn't store them this would be nice to not have to deal with the creases at all!
  5. I use a pillowcase to store mine in. My dustbag is not big enough.
  6. The creases will eventually go away with use or if you stuff it for awhile. As for the dustbag, just explain the situation and they'll probably give you a new one.
  7. That is how speedy's are shipped/stored in the factories and stockrooms/draws of the LV stores. Once you stuff it, the creases will come out. Does not hurt to ask if they can give you a larger bag, although on one of the previous threads about this one of the posters was turned down
  8. Mine came with a smaller dustbag too and it bothered me. You should definitely ask but don't get your hopes too high. In my situation, I returned to the store I purchased at and explained the situation and they pretty much told me "too bad." (I never purchased from them again). But I was determined and felt it was unjust for them to give customers a dustbag size that doesn't fit the bag so I called around several stores and went to others in person and got the same response. Finally, I encountered a very kind manager at the Wynn store in Las Vegas. She brought out several sizes of dustbags to show me and jsut let me have one. Great customer service!

    For future reference, if you ever buy another speedy, it is best to make sure before purchasing. When I bought my azur I asked the SA whether she could give me a larger dustbag if I decided to purchase. She gave me this long lecture about thats how they come, that its meant to be stored folded and there is only one dustbag for each bag (which is a lie). I simply said thank you and walked away. Another SA in the same store exclaimed "Of course!" When I inquired and very happily accomodated me by giving me a larger dustbag with my purchase.
  9. It'll go away with use, and depending on your SA, they should be able accomodate you and exchange the dustbag for a bigger one. Just expalin to them that you don't want to fold it when not in use.
  10. Same here.:tup:
  11. awww...this makes me bummed out! I thought that the dustbags weren't supposed to be big enough when the speedies are stuffed. The dustbag that I received was just big enough to fit a folded speedy! should I ask the SA for a new dustbag next time I purchase something? it's been a year since my speedy purchase....
  12. mine was folded too, but theres no crease. i never tried checking if it would fit in the dustbag unfolded though
  13. Yes they are folding the Speedys now, they didn't use to. I hate it when they are all creased like that but they do come out!
  14. Me too ! This was only recently though, I have a Azur 25 that has the new dust bags that was large enough to do this. My mono 25 has an older style of bag (the ones just after the felty bags) and speedy can only fit in duster when folded.
  15. maybe this problem appears in speedy 25?bcuz mine is 30 n it can fit the dustbag when its unfolded