Question for Patz

  1. Love the pictures on your signature. Wondering if you could elaborate a bit on the beautiful Hermes in the middle...color, size...details please. Thanks!:yes:
  2. damier, are you talking about the 3 birkins?

    those are pictures of mine and 2 friend's bags. we were out and about shopping and the farthest on the left is a 35 ostrich chartreuse birkin with PH, middle is a 35 evergrain forest green birkin with PH and my 30 blue jean togo birkin with PH.

    just took a picture since they we're lining up on the counter.
  3. Thanks pazT,

    What a beautiful group of ladies! Must be hard to get anything done when your all together. Seems like time well spent admiring all the pieces of art! LOVE the picture!
  4. DamierLover & pazt: I hope you'll forgive me for bringing up this week-plus-old thread, but I too have long admired that forest green Birkin in pazt's signature photo. I have just begun to dip my toes into the Hermes world, and I've been searching and searching through this subforum and reference libraries for additional pictures of that color bag, to no avail. I'm wondering if pazt (or anyone else) has additional pictures of a forest green Birkin??? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.