Question for Passy Owners!

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  1. Hi gals- got a Passy PM in ivoire today... she's beautiful, except... on the sides, where the leather is stitched together, there is a gap as the seam approaches the bottom of the bag. There is a gap on both sides, but more noticeable on one side. If you look at the bag from a distance, it almost looks like the seams are black b/c of the gaps... Is this how the bag is supposed to look? I haven't had much luck with LV lately... :s Sorry I can't take pics... digicam is broken.
  2. Here's the bottom of a passy GM from eBay.. could you point out which seam maybe ?

  3. aw, great research, ayla! It's the one under the word Italy- it does look like there's a bit of a gap, huh?