Question for Pashmy bag owners

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  1. I have a question for Pashmy bag owners - what Pashmy bags do you have and how do you usually wear them?

    I love Tod's and I LOVE how the Pashmy collection feels. But somehow I could never bring myself to buy them even at the outlets because I just don't know how it fits into my lifestyle? (And I really really like them!)

    How do you wear your bags to work? For example I usually wear a 1-piece dress or a top + pants to work (I have to look smart for my work - no jeans allowed!). Which size will be great? I thought of a pashmy bauletto media but I thought it will be too big for work attire; the bauletto mini (ie the one which resembles the LV speedy in shape) is a nice size but the material seems a bit too flimsy for work...

    Help - any thoughts?
  2. I have the luna media and absolutely love it. I have gotten a ton of compliments on it too. I work from home but still need to look professional every day when I do work errands, etc. It is also a great bag to use on weekends when I am running around with my daughters.

    I think the shine of the fabric looks great in professional as well as everyday environments. I love the shape of the bauletto media and mini. I would highly suggest going to a Tods boutique or department store with a Tods department to play with the bags to truly see what looks best on your body, feels most comfortable on your shoulder or arm and how it holds your stuff.

    I originally was in love with other styles but once I played with them, I was able to find the right pashmy for me.

    Good luck with your search! Please share pics once you make a decision!
  3. I actually just bought a pashmy bauletto in grande size from outlet, being shipped to me now. I'm planning to use it for travel only. It's big and easy to care for, and i have two little toddlers so this bag is ideal for me. And it is relatively inexpensive
  4. I have a leather Pashmy Bauletto Media in Wine (Burgundy?) and I previously posted a photo on the link below.

    Leather or nylon, the Pashmy is quite a versatile bag that can transition from office, casual weekends or even travel. I love it for that reason! I have used it for work often especially when it was new (bag bliss! :smile:). Lately, I use it a lot when I'm traveling and the multiple pockets and easy-going feel makes it so convenient to locate things (I carry a lot of junk in my bag). If you have a chance to try it out IRL with your daily work wear then it might be best. IMO, it goes well with both extremes - dressy work wear or casual jeans/t-shirt on weekends. Good luck!
  5. thanks everyone! I decided to get one of the bigger pashmy bags (ie the pockets) so that I can use it for travelling, casual etc. I figured the smaller one may not work well for me in shift dresses

    TDL: your bottega collection in your avatar is jaw dropping!!!
  6. ^^^^ Thanks, fairygirl09! The Pashmy is a great choice and it's in my Top 3 fave Tod's styles (with the T-Bag and D-Bag). Do post pics once you have them and we look forward to your reveal!
  7. I have the Pashmy Bauletto medium size. It holds a lot and it's lightweight...good for travel or everyday.