question for papillon 30 owners

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  1. Can you use the accessory bag that comes with your papillon 30 in your shoulder? a pochette?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Not really, unless you're super duper skinny or a cute little kid. Plus you really can't fit a whole lot in there too
  3. far too small.
  4. Yes, way too small!
  5. I can't, it's too small.
  6. no way, lol, and I am petite. Go for a pochette instead. I use the mini pap over my lower arm or hand held when I go out to a bar/club/restaurant setting. I like the look of a cute pochette though under the arm if that's the look you want.
  7. No, that mini papillon is sooo small. It fits in the crook of an arm nicely, but it fits only little things.
  8. Is it worth buying the Papillon 30? Because it's quite a large price difference between the 26 and the 30, while the size difference isn't that big if I'm correct.
  9. nope.
  10. i meant it doesn't fit on your arm. i prefer the 30 over the 26 bc of i liked it bigger and that it had an accessory pouch.
  11. I think so. I bought the 26 at first. Had it for 2 days and brought it b/c it was too small for my needs. I got the 30 also because you can wear it on your shoulder if you get sick of carrying it in your hands. Plus I like the fact that it came with the mini papillon too :tender:
  12. way to small to fit over the shoulders. it can be used as a wristlet but that's as far as it goes for me.
  13. I think it would only with the bag.
  14. I prefered the 30 due to the size difference and the strap length. The mini bag was just an added benefit.
  15. Thank you!!! ;)