Question for Papillon 30 owners...

  1. For those of you that have this bag and have the little mini bag that comes with it, do you keep the mini bag attached and inside the bag when you use it?

    I'm finding that it is making getting in and out of my purse awkward. I have some makeup items in it, but I'm thinking a little zip up pouch would work a lot better.

    What do you guys think?
  2. a friend of mine gave her lil damier pap to her 4 year old daughter. She thinks she's so cool... its cute.
  3. I don't use the mini bag in my Pap 30. I took it out & have it hanging in my closet. I use a small zipped makeup bag instead that's flatter, & I don't have any problems. I love my pap. Alot of people have made negative comments about it, but I don't have any. I put enough things inside it, so I don't have shifting of items, which seems to be alot of people complain about. I love the shape too.
  4. I keep mine attached but the only things in there are extra contacts, eye drops and dental floss, some tampons.
    And I carry another small zipped cosmetic bag for lipstick, gloss, etc. I don't carry a long wallet like Zippy with this bag, usually something smaller like koala sized.
  5. I keep it attached. I usually keep my keys, a chapstick and a pen in there. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't fit a cles in there...I would've used it as a mini clutch if I could have.

    Anyway, I don't really put makeup in there because like you said, it's kinda hard to get in and out of. But I put my keys in there so it'll be easy for me to find them once I need em. I love my pap 30! It's perfect for me everyday.
  6. That is what my DH said, that if we had a daughter she could carry it... told him we need to get to making babies then! LOL, it would be adorable!
  7. ^ ok so get to it.
  8. I never use it...I just gets in the way
  9. I wonder if the mini pochette would fit any better... anyone have one? How does it fit in this bag?
  10. hmmmmm. i think you should just take it off and use it inside? does it fit?
  11. I love my Pap 30. I don't use the mini pouch that came with it. I put my LV cosmetic pouch and zippy wallet along with my cell phone, ipod and keys in it. A lot of people made negative comments about it...but IMO, it's a great purse!
  12. It does attach inside, it's got a leather strap that attaches to the D ring in the purse, my dilemma is that it takes up a lot of room in the purse! LOL
  13. I dont have the mini-pap. When I got my papillion from let-trade it didn't come with it or the dust bag, but the price was good so I wasn't too upset.
  14. i don't use the pochette trousse. it just sits in my closet. i used to wear it alone to the grocery store or to run errands but now i prefer my azur mini pochette!
  15. I use it occasionaly. It's cute by itself as a little clutch.