Question for pallas owners....

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  1. Hi everyone. Just purchased a pallas in cerise from the boutique. When I got it home, the bag wasn't stuffed so it kindof bended over in the box. When I put my phone and wallet in, it doesn't retain it's shape from the side. I found that to be extremely disappointing and wanted to know your experiences with the bag over time?
  2. I have the same bag I bought it when it was released ! It hasn't retained its shape 100% but it doesn't bend over ... I am happy with mine ! It sits up right with my things inside of it I haven't had a problem!
  3. Mine more or less retained it's shape. It would stand on its own which is a must for me!
  4. My Pallas of 2 years is doing fine. I kept it stuffed when not in use.
  5. I bought my Pallas pre-loved, but it came with a purse shaper. I took it out and love how the bag conforms to me when I wear it instead of sticking out (like an older Speedy). Much more flattering and it's soft. When full it does not slouch over. I absolutely love this bag - and do not understand why there doesn't seem to be much love for the Pallas these days! I think it's the perfect bag in so many ways.
  6. Thanks ladies for your input!