Question for Paddington Metallic Aubergine owners

  1. I came across this paddington long satchel at 1/2 off in the metallic aubergine colour, but I have the exact same style bag in Brown (which I LOVE)!

    Judging from the pictures and from the true life colour of the aubergine (you have or have seen), would they be too similar??:s :s :s
    I never saw the aubergine in real life. but some pictures of the aubergine make it seem more silverish/purple and this picture the store sent me makes it look more bronzy brown.

    any of your own pictures of the metallic Aubergine would be very helpful.
    paddington (aubergine).jpg My brown paddy.jpg
  2. If they weren't the exact same style I would say that they may be different enough, but being the same style they seem awfully similar to me....
  3. Hi Mona
    Miss Bradshaw used to have this bag, I am sure she wont mind my posting the pics to show you the colour, the link was here

    should give you a good idea of the colour, but I agree, why have two in the long style. I would choose something that stands out as more different than your brown :smile:
  4. Well I was thinking of selling this black one I got from AR and use the Aubergine as my accent bag for blacks.....

    I like my black one but not LOVING it as much as the brown style!
    black paddy.jpg
  5. Dear Mona Danya:
    Hi, I have the aubergine in med schael from the NAP sale, and I LOVE this color as she changes the color with lighting.
    In sun light she is more Silver/Grey with slight pink under tone and in in-door lighting, she is MORE pinkish.

    I know I am a bad influence, but if you can get her too even in same style because you can match it with different color clothing than the brown.

    Hope this info helps....
  6. Hi Morgan,

    Thats exactly what I wanted to know.......It would go with blacks right?
    I do love the style of the bag, its my favourite paddy style and don't mind it in different colours, as long as they are different and can be worn with different things!!!
    Is the picture they sent me from the store a little off maybe becuase of the flash?!?!?
  7. Hi there, I also have the paddy in aubergine and I LOVE IT!!
    I originally wanted black so it went with everything; but got drawn to the silver hardware.
    It goes with all my clothes as the shimmer of the bag seems to compliment whatever colour you wear. If your wearing black it makes the outfit look more interesting. Maybe I'm bias too, but it is a great colour....

  8. Dear Mona:

    Did you get it?! I have NO regrets getting this one at all and she is so versatile for both summer AND winter!!!

  9. mona : The aubergine is one of the prettiest and most versatile colors I have ever seen in a bag. It works as a better neutral than black imho b/c you can wear it with both brown and black. The undertones are so gorgeous and it changes so much with the light, I wouldn't say that the store pics are off at all. It is that color, but many more variations as well. I would bet it becomes your favorite bag, period, if you get it - it's definently mine!:love: Let us know when you decide.
  10. The aubergine is totally different with the brun/tobacco that you already have. first, it has silver hardware and secondly, it changes color with different light. so go for it! you will love it!
  11. I have this color paddington and I agree it changes color depending on the light. There is a purple undertone, where the handle leather comes together it is purple, but at time the bag is very bronzy brown.
  12. I think aubergine is about the prettiest of all the metallics, at least of the dark shades. It's very versatile but then I don't have a brown or black paddy... half price makes it Very appealing.. ;) another plus of metallics for me is you can wear them in the rain & snow without water spotting the leather.