question for owners of the MC Speedy

  1. Do you feel that this bag is too heavy to use as an everyday bag, like shopping etc...?? Thanks
  2. nope.... I like heavy bags lol
  3. If you're holding a lot of other shopping bags, then yes, it can get heavy. Or if you're carrying it for hours at a time then it can get heavy also...but otherwise it's not that bad.
  4. For shopping more than a couple of hours - yes! If you don't have to carry it the whole time, then no.
  5. it's not too bad. It's not that heavy too me, but it's can be very high maintenance when shopping. for everyday shopping bag, I think a shoulder bag will be best.
  6. i don't know. i guess i'm used to carrying a heavy bag. my mom commented the other day that my cabby felt heavy because my wallet is holding too much change. so the mc speedy's weight doesn't bother me.
  7. First i wouldnt use it as an everday bag cos im afraid of the colour fading. Second when u have a wallet, bottle of water, camera, etc its in fact quite heavy for a full day out.
  8. Personally yes, Its ok for a few days then its like time to change. Now in saying that i guess it depends on where you're carrying it. If its too and from work its ok.. for shopping no.
  9. I use it for everyday and sometimes for shopping but the weight doesnt bother me. I guess that would depend on how much you are planning to purchase....but it would be okay for everyday use...

    It's a great bag so using it for everyday or just for special occasions would be fine.
  10. I would rotate it with other is a tad bit heavy IMHO but like a pair of good heels, soooo worth it! Lol!!