Question for owners of perforated pochettes...

  1. I'm having trouble authenticating this perfo pochette:

    The thing that has some ppl in the "authenticate this" thread worried is the font on the handle strap tab where it says "made in Spain."

    If anyone has one of these, could they please check what the font looks like and possibly post pictures???

    Thanks guys!!!:flowers:

    To bid or not to bid???
    pochette1.jpg pochette2.jpg pochette3.jpg pochette4.jpg pochette5.jpg
  2. Hi again! Lol..give me a minute and I'll post a picture of both the inside and the tab of mine. :smile:
  3. Aww thanx Lvbabydoll you rock!
  4. I tried to take a pic of mine, but my camera sucks...The font looks ok to me though when I compare it to mine. Good luck!
  5. Here you go..looks the same to me :smile:
    LVstraptab.JPG perfoinside2.JPG
  6. Thanks for those pics Lvbabydoll:flowers:

    You're right, it looks the same, exact same number of stitches, same font, same placement of the patches...

    So you think I'm good to bid???

    The seller doesn't seem iffy???:shrugs:
  7. It looks good to me! The seller does seem decent, also...nothing shady at all and is only offering one other piece.
  8. Yep, those stamps look the same. I would say go for it!!
  9. You reckon go for it???


    I'll bid on it a few hours B4 it finishes (I'm one of those horrible people that try to snipe things lol).

    Will let you know how it goes, and thanks for your help!!!

  10. Well my only concern was that stamp on the strap, but hers looks the same way!! So, yea, I think it's good then. ha ha, I know what you mean about the auctions...I do that too. I watch it, then 5 min. before it ends, I swoop!!!:shame: :yes:
  11. Lol yeah thats my usual tactic too, but unfortunately I'll be at work when the auction is ending:crybaby: so I'll have to bid a couple of hours before and hope for the best lol!!!:sad:

    Work will go a lot slower than usual...:lol:

  12. Good luck!! I hope it works out for you!:yes:
  13. looks authentic to me. i have a fuschia pochette that is also made in spain. good luck!