Question for owners of Mono PTI...

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  1. I have the Vernis PTI and yes, the design is the same.:yes:
  2. I have same wallet and it is the same as one mine about 2.5 years ago and it still looks great!!!
  3. Yes mine looks exactly the same, I believe I purchased it in Jan 06.
  4. This is a fantastic wallet and that is a really really good price. The only difference is on mine they added two credit card slots in the front of the wallet, really hidden. I don't even use the slots, so you arent missing anything. You will love this wallet.
  5. this is an older model, as in 10+yrs old

    My wallet is the same and was made the same why... the newer ones are like this..[​IMG]
  6. I have the same one my husband bought for me 2 years ago from Montreal's Ogilvy and it is exactly the same.