Question for Owners of MJ Stam in Almond

  1. Hello! I have a question for all you TPFers who have the Stam in Almond (or even white or cream...anything in that color family). Is the color difficult to care for? Does almond get dirty easily?

    Im just wondering b/c I'm considering this purse and I dont want to go crazy over every little spot of dirt. I've had a white purse before so I know that dark denim rubs off, but I was wanted to know specifically about the leather of the Stam in almond.

    And while we're at it, can you please tell me how much you like your Stam? And what you dont like about it (I hear its really heavy)?

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. I have a Susannah in Almond. However, you are describing the Almond Stam as more of a white so it may not be the same Almond. My almond bag is a pinkish color.

    Anyway, One time I was wearing an outfit that was dyed blue and when I got home I noticed the color rubbed off onto my Almond bag. I about had a heart attack. I got out my bottle of Coach leather moisturizer and using a cloth was able to clean the bag. Whew!
  3. ^ I'm glad it came off without incident! I've heard horror stories about how the dye doesn't come out sometimes.

    I think as long as you use a protectant(although not recommended by MJ), you should be ok from stains/dyes, and clean her regularly to keep her looking new. Baby wipes should work fine.
  4. I have Putty which is fairly light and I don't have any issues keeping it up. I have more issues with my Oat MP.
  5. I have a Stam in almond and I've never had any problems, but I am very careful where I set it down. In all honesty, I'm careful with all my bags, no matter the color. I can see where one could get it dirty, though, b/c it is light.

    I have a Stam in black too, and I love these bags! I get so many compliments on them!
  6. I have a stam in Ivory, although I just got it yesterday. I carried around last night. I also carried it all of today. Was at the autobody shop, movies, and dinner. I set it on my lap whilst in the car and at the movies as well and am wearing new dark denim jeans. It looks as beautiful as it did when I took it out of the box yesterday afternoon! Although...I did treat it with appleguard stain and water repellent. Don't know it really made that big of a difference though...hope this helps!
  7. Hi couturefemme! I'm soooo close to getting the Stam and I was wondering how you like it so far (I'm getting it for sure but I just want to get rid of that 1% doubt in my mind). What do you love/hate about it? Has the ivory been hard to keep clean? Where can i get that appleguard stain repellent? p.s. i'm in sf too!
  8. couturefemme, I finally bought my ivory stam! i'm dying to use mine but I want to treat it first. im heading to burlington coat factory to buy applegarde. how has your appleguard treatment been holding up? im particuarly concerned about the handles. any problems with stains?

    also, im thinking about getting the apple conditioner and conditioning it first and then spraying it with the stain and water repellant. what do you think?