Question for owners of Louboutin bruges...

  1. Hi there!
    I've always been a lurker and this is my first time posting in the shoe forum! :yahoo: I'm actually contemplating on getting a pair of CL bruges but I can't decide if I should go for the patent or leather version. Firstly, are they true to size? Secondly, are the patent shoes comfortable at all? (do they stretch over time?) Thirdly, which pair is more timeless? The black patent cork bruges or the leather bruges? Louboutins are really expensive :wtf: so hopefully some of you gorgeous ladies would be willing to help me out here. Thanks a lot! :love:

    P.s: I'll be ordering them over the phone as they are unavailabe in Australia.
  2. The leather seem a bit tighter than the patents, but also the cork seem to be a tiny bit larger than the woods. Not sure if it was intentional since the matte leather softens more. I'm usually a larger 7.5 and wear 38s in the bruges, but 38.5 in their ballerinas so the pumps are pretty tts although they won't feel like it when you first put them on. It's strange. My personal suggestion if you're getting one pair is the black on black wood. It's a solid color shoe that is timeless and go with everything, in case you wear an outfit that you may not want mixed with natural wood or cork. If you're looking for brown, then I'd do the two tone. My leathers stretched and softened really well...I was kind of worried for about a week but now they're so comfortable, but I did wear them alot for work. The napa leather can't be beat on CLs. I've never regretted spending the $$ on them.
  3. They are completely true to size (a first with Louboutins). When I purchased mine though, I had to wait list and they sold out in 20 minutes of going on Net a Porter.. I am not sure you will find a patent cork pair without paying over the odds on ebay :sad: They are impossible to find.
  4. Thanks ladies. I'm really keen on a pair of black leather bruges (with the wooden platform) but I can't seem to find them any where! Do you know how much they retail for? There are some on ebay for USD$899!!! Absolutely ridiculous!
  5. Hi Honey, I know its a crazy price, but they command them because the stores sold out of these immediately. The patent bruges retailed between 395 gbp to 415 gbp depending on where you purchased them from!. They are expensive to start with. If you think it is too much, try and pre order next seasons pair now, and then you will have to pay the retail price, but as I said in my previous post, all of the a/w 06 ones are sold out :sad:
  6. They retail for 770. You could try NM and use their personal shopper service. They've hunted down a pair for me somehow and saved me so much time. Other dept stores have those services also, but if you have an efficient SA, he/she'll look for you. Saks has been nice about this also. If you're in a state that pays tax (that's why I prefer tax!), ebay isn't that much more if you just bid the starting amount, rather than BIN, but because or a possible size problem and the price, I would want to use a store where they can be returned. I even prefer dept stores over their boutiques since it's credit only at the boutiques and with these shoes, there's not a very good chance of exchanging them since they sell out so quickly. I had that problem with a pair of their travel slippers that were too small and I had to take credit with nothing else I wanted to buy. And just an FYI, their ballerinas/slippers run about a half size smaller, unlike their pumps.
  7. Thanks a lot for the advice ladies! Surferchick2, I love your petrol fendi spy! It's gorgeous! Anyway I'll try using NM's personal shopper service. I really want a pair of those leather bruges! Are they still producing them next season?