question for owners of french purse

  1. where do you keep your money (bills)? In the coin spot?? thanks
  2. I have a french purse (although I just sold it) and I keep the bills in the bill compartment in the snapped section. There is a seperate bill compartment so I just use that. They don't really fit in the coin compartment.
  3. not to sound dumb...but where is the bill compartment?
  4. If you unsnap the "snap side" and you got the cc slots on one side, right, well on the left side of the wallet the whole section behind the cc's opens up to a big pocket for bills.

    Don't worry, I didn't used to know it was there either! LOL!
  5. the part that is kinda open, like wraps around the whole wallet...if that even makes since what I just said?? Why did you sell yours, did you not like it, I just bought one today.
  6. mine is a vernis one..if that makes a difference? I don't know if they are all the same.
  7. Yes, they are all the same, and yup you got it!

    I only sold mine because I am about to make another bag purchase and needed to get some funds together so hubby doesn't have a fit when he sees ANOTHER bag....hee hee.
  8. I keep my bills in the bill compartment. Sometimes when I am lazy, I fold my bills and put them in the coin compartment which is a generous size.