question for owners of 2+ pups, pleeze

  1. hello ladies!! i can always count on you all for some great advice

    my latest question is... my boyfriend and i are very seriously looking into getting a new addition to our family (he wants to buy it for me as a christmas present, so a little over a month or so). we already have one small female chihuahua, and she is a little over a year and a half -i've ALWAYS wanted more than one pup (i think it was being traumatized by my parents, who never let me have any pets as a child... lol)

    i would love to get my new pup, but my chihuahua is like velcro... and LOVES attention, every bit she can get -she's even jealous of my boyfriend, and school work, because she knows that means less time for her... she is an attention whore by every sense of the word -she is also very jealous of other dogs, mainly because she knows i will play with them too, and that detracts from her, so she is often very put off by other dogs -she isnt aggresive towards them, just not friendly

    so for those of you that have more than one dog, how was it getting the new pup aquainted to your baby @ home?? im scared that she'll flip out if i bring a new pup home (go on a scent marking parade and pee all over the house in rebellion) or worse, she'll be really upset -is there any way to get her better transitioned? i know if it REALLY upset her, i would re-think getting another dog -but i figure it will probably happen sooner or later, so better to get a new puppy while she is still relatively young

    soooo, any ideas? what worked for you all?? sorry so long!! cant wait to hear all of your great advice!! TIA
  2. ^^^ o ya... forgot to add, we will probably get a smaller maltese -NOT a teacup, just one that is naturally smaller -i'm scared of her being too large later on and overwhelming my chihuahua (and the health problems, too :/) i dont know if that changes anything, but i'm pretty sure breed makes a difference with some dogs (like chihuahua's)
  3. i have 3 dogs.

    One was a puppy, the other we adopted as an adult. in both cases, it's critical that they meet for the first time in neutral territory. Not your house. This will make her less territorial to the puppy.

    if she's that velcro to you, she may either get jealous...or perhaps she's always been velcor to you because nothing else has come by that's better (new friend). it's hard to say.

    if they don't react well, i would keep them separated but able to smell each other, for a couple of days. That way your dog can get used to the new puppy's scent, and the puppy will get used to your new dog.

    if you're willing to adopt an older puppy or adult (like through the chihuahua rescue organization) you can specify a calm, easygoing chi that gets along with all dogs..which would be easier. also with adoption, you can trial it for a few weeks and if they don't get a long, give back to the chi rescue.
  4. another thing...if she's that attached to you, you must start detaching her to get used to the fact that she can't whore all your attention. you simply can't pay attention to the baby and her at the same time. You are the alpha (per Cesar Milan, Dog whisperer) and she need to pay attention to you!
  5. I have 3 dogs, and let me tell you, the first one I got is definitely a jealous dog! She hates when I give the others attention. But in due time, she eventually has learned that even I have to give the other's attention. Kita still butts her head in when I am talking to the other two, or petting them, or hugging them....she still demands all my attention, but will give the other's a second or two with them, but that is all!
  6. that cesar milan, what an amazing man!!
  7. Janny-- WoW! I was in EXACTLY your same situation. My fiancee and I had Carmen (see pic in my avatar) for about a year when we added a new Chi pup, a male named Bentley. Carmen was just like your little girl--she was like Velcro!!! :smile:

    However, she and I still have the SAME relationship. Nothing has changed with us at all. The only difference is that now my fiancee has his own little dog to cuddle with (LOL he would KILL me if I told people he did this:smile: !!!)

    In fact, I think that adding Bentley has enhanced Carmen's life immensely. I no longer feel so guilty if a need to leave her home alone--I know she has her little buddy!! :smile:

    I say go for it--I bet you will be really happy that you did:smile: Your dog will thank you too:smile:

    Oh!! By the way, my fiancee and I went looking at different breeders way in advance. We fell in love with Bentley when he was too little to leave his mom. So what we did was we would bring Carmen over to the breeder's house and let the two of them hang out so that they could start getting used to each other before the "big transition"....apx. 20 minutes per visit. We did these "visits" for about a three week period. Then when Bentley was apx. 9 weeks old, we brought him home. Things went sooo smoothly with the two of them living together--I totally attribute that to letting them get used to each like that.

    If you have ANY other questions, feel free to PM me.


  8. hello... thanks to amy45888, bjcox, and Couturegrl on this matter!!

    After reading your comments, im very happy to announce that my boyfriend and i are taking the dive and getting faye (my chi) a little sister! we will begin looking in a week or two, although i am not expecting to actually get a pup for a while since i want to make sure we have just the right addition to our "fur family" -but we may see just the right one at the first breeder!

    nicole, did you find that since bentley was a chi, carmen was more able to adapt?? faye is a bit timid around other dogs, but every dog she has been around has always been larger than her (a poodle, bichon and a retriever) so i always wondered if she just felt overwhelmed and that was why she was scared -but a friend of mine, who also owns a chi told me that chi's do better with their own kind... although i am looking to get a maltese (hence why i would like to get a smaller sized one)

    also, i have a bit of reservations about the training aspect of it all with a potty trained pee pad veteran at home already and a new pup -im not quite sure how to manuver that one! any thoughts on that?

    well... im sure ill have many other questions, mind if i PM you?? Thanks again!!
  9. Oh PLEASE PM me if you have any other questions!! Chis are one of my fav subjects to talk about:smile:

    I totally think that Carmen was able to adjust well to Bentley not necessarily to Bentley bc he was the same breed, but rather that he was the same size as her (initially, she was even alittle bigger than him).

    Carmen also adjusted really well to my fiancee's old roommate's min pin puppy as well. I definitely think that getting another teeny breed will help Faye adjust very quickly.

    She is going to LOVE having a little sister, I promise!!! :smile:
  10. I have 5 dogs (lucky, have a BIG yard!). Three large, two small. My Chihuahua/fox terrier LUCY (left)is very possesive, and fairly spoiled.

    When we got our doxie pup, ELUA (right), two months ago, Lucy was very jealous. We made certain that we ALWAYS gave Lucy attention before we gave the doxie any, and even when we pet the Doxie (Elua) we look at Lucy and tell her she is the most beautiful dog in the world. We have just gotten to the point that she will play with Elua, but NEVER in the morning. Lucy is not a morning person, by any stretch.

    You can see from this picture that Lucy is still not entirely happy with the situation!

    Remember YOU are the alpha dog. If you are a good pack leader, they will fall in line eventually. Remember to dominate your Chihuahua (roll her over, look into her mouth and ears, etc...) before you bring in your new pup, she has to know that YOU are the boss, not her (easier said than done, I know!).

    Good luck!
    elua lucy.jpg
  11. ^aww what cuties! My other chi is a black/tan too! So cute!!