Question for Outdoor Ligne Hobo owners

  1. I have a question for Takeoutbox, Coldplaylover, Maxter, or anyone else who has this bag.

    I've seen all your pictures and read your wonderful comments about this bag, so I ordered one. I have a large collection of structured Chanel bags already, so I was looking for an unstructured bag where I wouldn't have to worry about scratching the leather or chain handles digging into my skin. So the Outdoor Ligne Hobo seems perfect for me!

    It arrived yesterday, but looks so weird when I carry it. The leather seems too stiff and rigid for such an unstructured and slouchy bag, so it takes on weird shapes when I put my stuff in it (wallet, keys, makeup, etc). I looked to see if the bag is defective and sewn unevenly, but I can't find anything.

    Does it get better with use?
    I was so excited about this bag, but I'm thinking of returning it now.
  2. You are right....there are weird shapes that my Hobo makes but I just give her a hug and squish her under my arm and she behaves.
  3. modelling photos???
  4. it would help if u stuff it and take modelin we can see what u mean!
  5. hi sparkly,

    i have the brown hobo, and the leather definitely has softened and developed a sheen after about 5 months of fairy consistent use. i know what you mean about the funny shape in the beginning, i definitely noticed it too. if you do decide to keep it you will notice the difference after some use.