Question for NYers & anyone who lives in a major city

  1. Do you carry LV bags or Gucci or any other logo branded bags? There have been so many recent posts about how people mention no one in their area wears LV, it made me wonder.

    After seeing the little blurb in Sunday's NYTimes about LV's neverfull, it sort of made me want one but, at the same time, since there are so many fakes... Plus my 16 year old neighbor carries an LV...
  2. I am in Boston - I am surrounded by logos - primarily LV & Coach - real & fake. I don't bother to see the difference anymore, they're everywhere.
    I am now tired of not only their logos but everyone elses as well - all look the same after a while. I'm staying away from the blatent signature bags.
  3. I'm in a big metropolitan area and I see a buttload of LV's, Gucci and Coach.
    Some Chanel and not many Balenciaga or other deisgners as much.
  4. I live in Toronto--not just logo bags but everyone here has at least one designer bag. Starting from 10, 11, 12 year olds, they all have fake designer bags along with real Coach bags (the ones that go across your body are just the rage here).

    It's not like they know who the designer really is, they just carry it because everyone else carries it, duh!
  5. I'm in Philadelphia and I mostly see (in order of popularity) LV, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga and D&G. Chloe and BV I see in more affluent areas. LV Gucci and Chanel are most often fakes.
  6. I know that I said in the thread that I rarely see LV in my area, but I live in a city of only 63,000 people. When I go to the mall 18 miles away in another city of only 75,000 people, I sometimes see some LVs, but not very many. Of course, there are the requisite fakes around too. However, I see more fake Chanel Cambons than anything. In fact, I saw a girl who looked about 12 carrying one yesterday. Most of the people around here who carry obvious designer bags (read: logoed) carry Coach and Dooney. This is most likely because (1) I live in a primarily middle class area and (2) Coach and Dooney are the highest end bags you can actually buy around here. When I do see someone carrying a real LV, it's quite a treat. I was in Macy's last week buying a Diet Coke from the cafe and there were two ladies with genuine LVs (a Vavin and a Trotteur) standing next to me. I had my Neverfull. It must have looked funny to other people to see these three women in a row with LV bags. People probably thought we were all together.
  7. In Atlanta I see mostly Coach, some Dooney, some LV, and some Gucci. Lots of fake LV, Gucci, and Chanel Cambon.

    Don't let the fakes stop you from buying a bag you want. For those who know anything about bags, most of the fakes are pretty obviously fake. I only have one mono LV - Speedy 30 - and I love it. I don't care that it's faked a lot.
  8. Here in CT I see alot of Mono Speedys, mainly carried by younger women and teenagers - but I have to tell you that in Milan this summer the LVs were EVERYWHERE. I didn't notice them so much last summer - but this year everyone had an LV bag - mostly Mono, all shapes and sizes. I thought it was really interesting....lots more than Paris, imo....
  9. I'm seeing a lot more fake LV than anything else. It really makes me sad. I so loved my LV's :crybaby:. I just don't like carrying something that I'm going to see 10 more of while I'm running errands. Thats just me.

    I do see a few mono Coachs' and D&B a bit more now than before too. I also see a lot of those quited, fabric bags. Otherwise, just no name bags and some authentic LV when I head down to the hotspots in the city. When I'm there I also see high end bags that aren't mainstream like LV.
  10. where are all the newyorker responses? nyc is such a diverse city that you see SO many brands. while there are a LOT of LV/coach/gucci-toting ladies (and i do mean a LOT), there are a great amount of other brand names being worn as well - i've seen so many women walking by carrying botkiers, rebecca minkoffs (mainly morning after and nikkis), a lot of chanel, burberry, mulberry, YSL (ive mostly seen downtowns and muses), and even hermes - i've counted seeing at least 1 woman carrying a birkin or kelly every other day - cant guarantee they'd be authentic though.

    as for your feelings toward LV - to be honest i've never been a huge fan of LV. i used to feel the same way - seeing a very young teenager carrying an LV makes you wonder how classy/sophisticated/mature would you feel if you were to carry one - but it shouldnt matter, you should like the design and how the purse makes you feel.

    as for me, it still bothers me to see so many people carrying LV, especially speedy's since it is the simplest bag and cheapest (of the larger bags - not including the pouchettes) especially in monogram - so i grew a dislike for them over the years. i figure if i am going to spend money on a brand that has a market so diverse, i will save the money to buy a much more expensive and classy bag of that brand. but thats just my opinion - some girls just really love the design of the speedy, whereas i think its just plain.
    and from what i heard once they purchase it, they fall in love w/ it more (although who wouldn't feel the need to love a bag that they spend $600 on)
  11. In San Diego I see many LV's real and fake....also Dooneys and Coaches. I personally prefer leather. And there are so many fake LVs around here that I think if I got a real one people would think it was fake anyway. I see women carrying fake LVs who look so unaware of fashion that I doubt they even know what the bag they are carrying is copied from.
  12. I see tons of real desinger bags in NYC. I also see many real designer bags in Fairfield County, CT. Once you go out of the Fairfield county area, LOTS of fakes, bad fakes! There is even a guy who sells fakes right off a main road, right out in the open! Tons of Coach, Dooney, LV, Chanel, etc! YUCK!

    I love NY!
  13. I live in West Hollywood, CA which is only about 2 miles East of Beverly Hills. I see TONS of designer bags on a daily basis. Of course some of them are fake.
  14. in LA, lots of (fake and real) LV,Coach, Juicy, some Prada, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Lesportsac, Dior, Fendi, Chanel...I suppose I see it all! I've never been interested in a monogram or obvious logo bag, but others certainly enjoy the look
  15. I'm from NYC and wear LV and Gucci, etc. As there is lots of diversity in anything in NYC, there's lots of different designer bags (and not), with fakes sprinkled in too. I see lots of LV, Gucci, Kooba, Coach, Prada, Fendi, Chanel, you name them.