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  1. I'm just wondering if NYC girls wear wedding bands only more, or wedding bands with e ring. I find NYC to be one of (or the most) sophisticated cities here in the U.S. And, to me, it seems to be a bit more understated when it comes to the left finger. I'd love to hear from you and what your opinion is on it, and why you think the way you do...:biggrin:
  2. I live in the metropolitan area, and I usually see women with their e-ring and wedding band. When I do see individuals wearing just a band, the band usually is diamond encrusted. I hope this is helpful.
  3. i actually notice this, too. my cousin (who lives in ny) wears her e-ring on her right hand and her wedding band on her left. it seems to be very common in nyc and notice that bethenny (from RHoNYC) does the exact same thing.

    i've always wondered why.
  4. My SIL wears her diamond e-ring and band daily - lives in Manhattan.
  5. onecreativegirl - i think they do that if their engagement ring is of a really substantial weight.. like bethanny's e-ring is huge.. i think it's like 7 carats or something?? and her wedding band is a pretty big eternity band.. if she wore it all on one finger it'd probably break her finger off.. heh. or atleast just slip off her finger a lot.. i think it's also a european custom.. to move your e-ring to your right hand after you're married.. and wear your band on your left hand.
  6. Agree with this - I have noticed this a lot here. I've started looking around for wedding bands and SAs at Tiffany and HW have told me to wear it this way as well.

  7. it's seems to be an east coast thing, here on the west coast, we wear it all on the left finger.
  8. I live in NYC and I wear my e-ring on my left hand while my wedding band is on my right. I prefer to wear them apart. Most of my friends wear them together, although I have seen them wear them as I do once in a while.
  9. that makes sense. but my cousin's e-ring is just under 3 carats. so even though it's far from small, it's not huge like bethenny's either.

    although my aunt's e-ring (gorgeous asscher center with two trillions on the side) is also 7 carats, she always wears it on her left hand.

  10. perhaps its just the person. I think if I had bethanys set I would split it between both hands to sort of balance it out. I have a 3 piece wedding set and usually wear it on my wedding finger and balance it with another ring on the right but will wear my Anni. band on my right if I don't have another ring at the moment.

    I notice here in Maine woman stack their wedding set, anni band and mothers band (the one with the birthstones) all on one finger. It look strange because usually they do not match and theres like 5 rings stacked..
  11. I wish I could wear a band or my ring on my right sometimes, my fingers are a full size difference :shucks:
  12. I feel like it's one of those which hand you wear your watch on kind of preference (although the size of the ER stone clash with the band could justify the seperation as well)

    I've seen more girls with e ring on left hand still so far. oye manhattan girls are not understanded for their left hand at all, i'm always blinded by big rocks left and right.
  13. When we were up there last i don't recall seeing anyone with their ering/wring on separate hands. If there was not an ering on the left hand there wasn't one on at all.

    If I was bethenny Id wear all I could on that finger ;) Id seriously wear both at once. lol
  14. see, i love this idea of stacking different rings that don't match. in fact, i do that myself with my set since my e-ring was not originally mine, but my mom's, and my two stacks that i wear with it were both purchased from pawn shops. i just love mixing and matching and never liked a "matchy matchy" set. but like everything, it's an individual preference.

    even my aunt wears her gorgeous stunner (the 7 ct. ice cube) with several non-matching stacks as well. one of them is a gorgeous platinum eternity ring given to her from her mother.

    yup. mine too. the fingers on my left hand are a full size smaller than my right. weird.

    me too!!!! i guess for me, wearing something like that on my right hand would feel odd. don't know why. :shrugs:
  15. I don't live in NY anymore but i visit often as I have many friends and relatives there. I never saw anyone wearing their wedding and e-rings on separate hands. Those that have both that I know (including my in-laws, some of whom are lawyers and some investment bankers and they live in either Manhattan or the swankier parts of Long Island) wear everything on one hand--the left, just like the rest of the US usually does.

    I have to say even though its a little off topic though, that the portion of NYC that has the big bling is not as much as people seem to think it is. In Manhattan there are lots of artsy types (including many of my friends) who don't wear diamonds at all (NY seems to have more than its share of those who are concerned about 'blood diamonds'). And when I've been in Manhattan, including many of the swanky areas (like the Yale club) 'most' people do not have huge bling--there are a lot of women with no engagement rings on at all in fact (either because they don't have--or because they save it for the opera and galas--but NYC is full of working class people who probably don't have).