Question for non-US residents

  1. After a quick survey I found out that US stores do not ship outside the US. Since I would like to shop for a couple of gourgeous bags I saw for sale, it seems as if I have only one option - opening an account with a shipping company.
    My question to non-US residents is the following: does anybody have any experience with this type of companies? Are they reliable? Thanks for your advice.:confused1:
  2. Some US companies DO ship outside the US, but not for online shopping. Saks definately do:

    I think Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom do too. Also try for a lot of US brands.

    I used to use a company called Shop The States but they don't exist anymore, which is a real shame as they were really reliable. Haven't used any other mail forwarding services yet as most of them are too expensive unless your ordering something every month, which I don't - usually only a couple of times a year.
  3. I use a company called Access USA who charge £7.50/month and provide a US address, which I add as a second billing address to my credit card. All orders I place over the net are shipped to Access USA and I can decide how much to declare on the customs form and whether to ship my items seperately or have then repacked and sent as one shipment. I have been using this service for a year now and have had no problems. Their service has been excellent.
  4. Glad to hear that! I thought about joining them, too. :tup:

    If retailers don't accept international credit cards AccessUSA provide their own cards to pay for the merchandise and then your own credit card will be charged.
  5. BG shipped worldwide
  6. Thanks for the input ladies! I am looking into this Access USA. It is just such a drag to fill in forms and send IDs... anyway, the bags are worth the effort :smile: