Question for Noe owners...

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  1. I'm looking at the epi noe and it is really cute, but what do you do with the tie when you are out - do you keep untying it to get in the bag and retie it each time? Is it hard to get into and out of? Do things get lost in it because it is so deep?

  2. I have a Petit Noe so this may not be of help but I tie the strings in a bow far enough from the opening so I can open and slide it closed quickly. It is actually not too difficult to reach anything inside of it. I'm surprised at how easy it is! :smile:
  3. I tie and untie, it´s no biggie.
  4. My mom leaves hers untied if were doing major damage (shopping) but if were out and about and she doesn't have to get in and out every 10 minutes, she ties it.

    BTW, my mom's noe is an Epi Noe in Rouge.
  5. i have a petit noe and i tie & untie- not a big deal at all. i just ordered a drop in purseket for it for organiztion. i'll post photos once i get it.
  6. I have a Petite Noe, absolutely love it, I tie and untie as well and have a purseket inside to make it easy to find smaller items:smile:
  7. I have a mono noe and I love how it looks untied
    I usually carry books and other stuff and the shape it gets is really nice
  8. Hi- I have an epi noe in lilac- like the other posters have mentioned it's really easy to get things in and out of- I tie it when I'm out but keep it untied at home and when it's in it's dustbag. I :heart: Love it- it can really hold a lot and I don't have any problems finding stuff.
  9. I have both a Noe and a Petit Noe -- when using the Petit Noe, I usually tie and untie.
    When using the bigger Noe, I do leave untied most of the time - the Noe usually
    comes out when I am shopping or doing something where I will be stashing lots of
    stuff. Since the Noe is deeper, it also is harder for things to fall out -- even if untied.
    Love my Noes!!!! It's my favorite bag of all time -- a total workhorse!
  10. what about using a scarf?
    would that make it easier to tie and untie it?
  11. yup! sure does!:yes:
  12. I don't tie mine. I took the ends of the drawstring and looped it through the rivets and just pull the ends together.
  13. That's exactly what I do pinki! It looks good too.
  14. angelica...:flowers: It's so much easier than tying it, but not that it looks bad with the bowtie. Just an alternative if you're one of those ppl that keeps opening and closing your bag often.
  15. i leave it untied.