QUESTION FOR NOE owners/please HELP! advise

  1. Hi All!

    Can the regular sized Noe ($940) be worn across the chest? Is the strap long enough to be worn messenger style? I'm thinking about getting one but i want to be sure the strap is long enough. Or is there a way to buckle the strap so it is long enough to be worn across the chest? I loves loves loves the style having just seen it in the new Lucky mag but I want to be sure it can be worn that way. TIA!
  2. I think that if you're petite and slender, then you could probably wear it crossbody. I've seen girls around here wearing it that way. They were all around 5'6'' or shorter, and probably less than 110 lbs.

    One important thing to mention though. If you have an ample chest, you will probably find it uncomfortable to wear the Noe crossbody since it is a snug fit. :yes:
  3. Ooh good to know. Im 5'6 but have big- ish boobs :sad:... Maybe they're too big for across the chest. Darn it!!!! I so want to wear it across the chest. It looked so cute in the magazine with a fitted jacket !!!

    Boy wish i was more of a kate moss type body...
    Anyway would love more opinions. and thanks Little panda for getting back
    to me. i really appreciate it.
  4. I saw the Noe in Lucky mag too and I've been thinking about it again. The Noe, I believe, can be worn crossbody, like littlepanda said, but it won't look the way it does in the Lucky drawing. From the pictures I've seen of it being worn crossbody, it's a pretty snug fit. I'm not sure if there's a way to get a different strap for it to wear it the way it was in Lucky. Good luck!
  5. hmm i wonder do they sell the straps for the keepalls seperately? would that look okay w/ the Noe do you guys think?
  6. I have the regular sized Noé, and with the shoulder strap fully extended, it falls just above my waist, but not enough to be used as a messenger bag.
    I think it's too bulky to be worn that way.
    If you really like the look of the Noé, you can buy the MINI Noé and then buy a long vachetta or mono strap to attach to the mini and it can be used as a messenger style bag. Good luck !!!
  7. ooh thats good advice. but arent there two smaller sizes? im confused since im not familiar with the noes at all.
  8. a few years back i was out with a friend and we were in crowded area and i didn't want to have it on my shoulder i put it on it's last holes and put it across my chest with no problem and i have BIG breasts. Try it and see how it feels for you

  9. ^^^^^

    It actually comes in 3 sizes.....regular, petit and mini.
    Here's a pic of the mini, the long strap easily attaches to it.
    It has alot of room when you actually see it in person.
  10. thanks Travel bliss. gosh know what stinks though is that only the mini and the regular have the vachetta base, but the Petite does not. i wonder why that is. cuz thats the size i need and yet i LOVE the vachetta around the bottom.
  11. ^Petit Noe has vachetta on the bottom and not visible on the front and sides. :smile: