question for new yorkers..

  1. hi everyone! will be graduating soon(well not too soon) and im trying to figure out where i wanna live. I've always wanted to live in nyc(who doesnt) but I'm quite aware that its the most expensive city in US. so I was hoping that new yorkers here can answer a few of my questions would really appreciate it.

    -how much is sales tax? do u get taxed on everything?
    -approximately how much do u pay for rent? which location?
    -ball park how much do u need to make in a month to live in nyc?

    I would really appreciate any inputs. I just wanna know if my kind of job can support the cost of living in nyc. thanks in advance :cutesy:
  2. These are very good questions that I've always been curious about too, since I used to want to live in NYC :smile: Can't wait to see the answers!
  3. -how much is sales tax? abt 8.75% do u get taxed on everything? Almost everything except groceries and medication
    -approximately how much do u pay for rent? which location?
    For manhattan in general
    Est cost for studio/1 BR with elevator non doorman is $1500 I would say.
    Studio/1BR walk up might be $900 - 1500
    Apts in Doorman buildings are at least $2000

    Rent controlled apts are harder to find but their rents might be lower than this.
    Many ppl share a studio/1BR initially to help with cost of living.

    -ball park how much do u need to make in a month to live in nyc?
    Assuming $1500 for housing (if you find a roommate it'll be less =)), $50 cell phone billl, $90cable+broadband TV (you do not get ANY tv signal in NYC unless you subscribe to cable), Utilities $90 - 150 (depending on season), general necessities incld metrocard & meals $1000
    Total: $2800

    At $3K u'd have to budget well and find roommates etc. at $4-5K it's easier.

    AS an alternative, alot of ppl live in brooklyn or NJ. if you choose the right location, the commute isn't any longer than living in NYC.
  4. Live in brooklyn and you can find a place for 1k a month easy.
  5. I paid $1300 for a tiny walkup studio on the Upper East Side. Before that, I had roommates and paid about $1200 for my share. It is really expensive in Manhattan but you get used to it. One thing to keep in mind is that most apartments require a certain about for pre-tax income to secure the apartment- I think it's that you must make (gross) three times the rent. If you use an apartment broker, sometimes you have to pay a broker fee of approximately 1 months' rent, too.

    Like what was posted above, you also have to consider the Metro card, the tax, the general cost of doing anything like going out to eat or out for definitely adds up.
  6. :wtf:

    So not for me, I know tons of people love NY....and I live to visit, but I am a California the sun and wide open spaces!

  7. I wouldn't say 1k a month easy. It depends on where in Brooklyn you live-here in Park Slope a 1 bedroom will run you about $1200 to 1400 per month.

    If you live further out in Brooklyn, say, Bay Ridge or even further, Sheepshead Bay-you could probably do 1k easy-but then you are looking at a far commute into the city.
  8. Can you post where you found a one bedroom for $2500? LOL Especially a doorman building. You also have to factor in parking if you have a car. It costs me over $500 a month to park alone in my building. But I need my car for work so I have to have one. Living expenses are pretty high.

    There are many outer boroughs and NJ where it is less expensive to live. Across the river is Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg. Both are only a couple of stops on the subway to Manhattan. Further in is Carrol Gardens, Cobble Hill and Park Slope. I love Park Slope. Lots of restaurants and very cute area with tree lined streets and brownstones. But the parking is horrible.

    Then in NJ there is Hoboken and Jersey City. I think they have awesome views. It's even getting expensive to live in the surrounding areas of NYC. The good thing about NJ is that there is no tax on clothing. I think the tax for other things is 6%.
  9. Apts in Doorman buildings are at least $2000

    I would love to know where there available for that price. We pay quadruple that amount. Prices are still going up. Getting roommates would be a good idea to help split the costs.

    I agree with Hubba, Bubble and Nishi there certainly are some very affordable apartment alternatives to living in Manhattan.

    Also keep in mind your location, prices differ there too ! Overall if you can make it work for you, you'll be very happy.
  10. ^ you can definitely find doorman apts for $2000/+. of course at $2000+, you don't expect to live in soho/tribeca type areas or a loft of any kind.

    the upper east side (towards york avenue or above 90 st) has studios in DM bldgs that are in the $2000 range. my friend on the UWS has a DM 1BR for $2600 (i think his is a deal!). another friend has a small studio (400 sf-ish) for ard 2300+ at turtle bay. I've seen low $2K+ in murray hill too. Wall street area i've seen about $2500 and above.

    Rental apartments are usually more expensive than condo/coop rentals. and unless you luck out through a friend, craigslist, NYT finding a condo/coop rental, you'd have to find one through a broker. in the end you're either paying the broker a one time fee to find you something with a lower rent or you forgo the broker fee and pay a higher rent to the rental company.
  11. Park Slope has such beautiful brownstones.
  12. we pay $1300/month for a small condo in Westchester
  13. hi everyone! thank soo much for the detailed info. So I guess I'm looking at at least 2k for a building w/doorman :push: I have a few more questions:

    -if I want a roommate, what would be the best way to find one? I read an article here posted bout adult dorms, does anyone know anything bout that?

    -where would be the best place for me to go to find credible listings? I saw a post here from last yr about a girl's unfortunate experience from craigslist, so besides craigslist, what other options do I have?

    -broker or no broker? as bubbleliciousis mentioned, do u really get lower rent fees from brokers?

    oh and bubbleliciousis, what does DM mean?doorman? sorry if that sounds kinda ignorant :shame:

    again thanks for all the input. really appreciate it :cutesy:
  14. I guess I'm late to answer, but ill give my 2c anyhow. tax is 8.375% clothes under $110 don't get taxed. I pay $1500 rent stabilized, 875 sq ft 1 - 2 bdrm in spanish harlem (i live w/ my bf). I am two blocks away from the subway. no doorman, but I live across the street from a fire dept so I feel somewhat safe. The expensive part isn't the rent... its the whole nyc lifestyle. to go out w/ drinks paid for and no cover costs me a minimum of $45 for roundtrip cab fare. Going out to dinner w/ $13 martinis can easily run a tab of $100. and then shopping/sample sales, I don't even want to start. I was extremely lucky in finding a place w/ no broker fees...