Question for New York Girls ................

  1. Have any of you gone into Bal NY and seen the NEW 07 Truffle next to the Cafe ???

    I am just wondering if the 07 Truffle is darker than the 06 as Barney's here in Chicago had some dark brown bbags but they looked lighter than the Cafe's that they have had in the past - and the SA are no help at all when it comes to colors ....
  2. Yes, the 07 Truffle seemed to me to be about half-way between the 06 Truffle and the Cafe. It's a gorgeous color -- makes me wish I could have a closet full of brown bags.
  3. ^^^ Thank You!!!

    I am thinking the bags I saw Saturday must have been the New 07 Truffle ... they didn't look almost black and I remember the Cafe was hard to tell from Black in the store
  4. yes, the truffle 07 is darker than the 06. It is a beautiful shade of brown and not as dark as the cafe'.