Question for new violet owners

  1. To all of you new violet owners, do they call you to let you know the bag is in and then ship or do they just ship it out? Do you know when it is coming? Has anyone see a RH first yet? (specifically talking about BNY)
  2. The past few seasons, I've gotten a call when a bag I was listed for comes in. Usually, if I stay on a list it's because I want the bag. I rely on my SA a lot, so sometimes I ask for a picture before they send, sometimes not (like when a bunch of violet bags are coming in and I know they're really busy!). Then I say yes or no. The first couple of times I bought a bag several years ago, I remember calling to get listed, and giving the SA my CC number. I think the calls then were more in the nature of "We charged your credit card and have shipped your bag." I never had a bad incident, though I have had a mind change and returned a bag for store credit.
  3. I think you can do both~ meaning ask your SA to just charge and ship (pre-order the purse) automatically. Otherwise, you are waitlisted in their book....when the bag comes in, they call you and you have 24 hours to reply back to them before they go down to the next person on the list. I knew I may be on vacation when my violet came in, so I called my SA and gave her my credit card no. and asked her to just ship it out to me upon arrival. I didn't want to risk the fact that she may not be able to reach me or I would not hear the message in time. The bag did come in when I was on vacation upon which point, my SA called and left me a message and also sent an email to me with a pic of the bag. She made sure to ship it when I would be back from vacation to receive the package myself! I love my SA! She is always nice, sweet, and helpful!
  4. Good question AF! And thanks for the info MP and RG!