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  1. I would like to suppliment my income by selling a few bags on E-bay. Since I live close to a couple of outlets I hope this will go well. I plan to go this Saturday. My question is for those of you who have been selling for a while. What do you think is the best selling bag that Coach makes or that is in the outlets now? Which colors sell the best? and how well do the wristlets sell? Thanks for your help;)
  2. I think all of this information can be gathered by doing an advanced search on eBay for coach items that have already been sold. It will also give you a good idea of the selling prices that the market is willing to bear. You would need to do this with ANY item you were thinking of selling, otherwise you risk getting stuck with a bunch of stuff that either doesn't sell, or you have to sell at a big fat loss. Doing a completed items search is just seller 101, for all sellers in all categories--if for no other reason than to determine a start price.

    I want to point something out, though, since you are intending to supplement your income (as opposed to doing this as a hobby or selling off your own unwanted items). If YOU have access to things at a Coach outlet, so do lots of other people. That means lots of competition from other sellers, and of course plenty of buyers who will just go buy the stuff at the outlet in the first place. Also, Coach outlet prices are not nearly what they used to be; these days half the stuff is only like 25% off retail price AND it's marked inside with a bullseye (which as a seller you must disclose). By the time you make your markup plus eBay and PayPal fees, the bag will end up priced almost at retail or above!

    I recommend rethinking the whole Coach outlet strategy, to be honest. Isn't there something else, maybe harder to find or more unique to your area, that you could sell? I don't mean to be overly negative but this is just some food for thought from an experienced seller (8 years on eBay and currently a Platinum PowerSeller) to one who is just starting out.
  3. Thanks for the in info. I will certainly take this into account. I have to ask about the bulls eye inside the bags. I have been looking at alot of Coach bags on e-bay lately. Some I know are from the outlets. I have never seen in the ad where anyone disclosed about the bulls eye. When and where are they suppose to do this? Thanks
  4. They are *supposed* to disclose it, as it materially affects the condition and more importantly the value of the bag, in the description. It's a matter of being honest, which unfortunately is a quality that is in rather short supply among many eBay sellers these days. A seller who doesn't disclose that information basically is telling a knowledgeable buyer "Hey! I'm a liar!". At least, in my opinion.

    I have bought a bag that was not disclosed as a "second" or sale item on eBay but when the item arrived, it was apparent to me based on a marking like this. I filed and won a SNAD claim through PayPal. So apparently PayPal (and eBay by extension) also feel that neglecting to mention this type of information counts as describing the item inaccurately.
  5. Coming from someone who used to work at Coach, I wouldn't recommend buying and reselling bags from the outlet; you have to sell loads to make a profit, really, and sometimes the outlets do catch on and will not allow you to buy any more bags because you are a suspected reseller. But do your research and good luck to you!
  6. That's a good point too ^^ (though why Coach should care is beyond me, and legally they actually cannot refuse to sell to you for that reason--even though I know they DO.)
  7. I think it falls under "reserving the right to refuse service to anyone." though at that price point I don't see why they'd care either; they have outlets to get rid of excess stock. I think they say it's to "preserve brand integrity." Your post made me :lol: :tup:
  8. Yeah, that is their defense, but if someone ever sued them I am pretty sure that Coach would actually lose and have to make recompense if the plaintiff had an incorporated business (and could show damages incurred by Coach's refusal to sell them which constitutes ending their supply chain).

    I'm not an attorney, but there's a cool concept in our legal system called First Sale Doctrine, and I do believe it applies. The gist of it is that once a consumer acquires something legally, they have every right to do with it what they want, whether that means using it, selling it, setting it on fire, or building an ant farm inside it. The original vendor has no say in the matter.
    At least, that's my interpretation of the law, but as I said, I'm no lawyah. I should call Starr Jones and ask her. :lol:

    And not for nothin', but if Coach wanted to preserve brand integrity they would go after all the makers of the completely hideous counterfeits. BLECH!!
  9. Thanks so much for your honest replies. You have certainly given me alot to think about. By the way I have an outlet bag and can't find the bullseye. Where do they usually put it?
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    You're welcome, mdmc-- good luck!
  11. No problem, Mdmc!
    The bullseye is usually stamped on the inner leather tag near the "serial number" if I recall correctly.
  12. Yes, the bullet will be on the "Creed Patch" usually at the top right.