Question for Neo Cabby black owners

  1. Hi, LV lovers. I have a question for you guys. Does your neo cabby black have the same shade for all the brass pieces? Mine doesn't. The brass color of the shoulder strap and the D ring of the bag is not the same. The hook of the strap for attaching to the D ring is much lighter, thin yellow shade, and the D ring on the side of the bag is the reddish golden shade. Is that not irregular? Am I picky?
  2. i guess i never took a look at all the hardware on mine. but i'm assuming its about the same shade since nothing stands out to me. but its possible that its slightly different for that antiqued look.

    though if it does bother you a lot, go and return it. don't pay so much for a bag and not be satisfied!
  3. Thanks caley for your advice. I went to the LV boutique today and asked my SA to check my bag, then I finally got exchanged the shoulder strap. Now the brass of the new strap matches to the D rings perfectly! I am so happy that now I can use the bag everyday!!:yahoo:
  4. no problem, chippie! glad it all worked out :smile: