Question for my Hermes ladies

  1. You all know Im a big lurker here...and have been for sometime. Here is my latest question. SO when a Birkin starts to sag....what do you do? Do you love it more, less, want a new one??? By the time I finally bite the bullet and buy one I will be so SMART!!!:heart:
  2. OMG, you'll want a new Birkin way before your old one starts to sag!
  3. NO!!! I still want to buy diamonds and other bags and, and, and, and....oh NO!!! I would like one Hermes...just one. I know the one and when I get it...oh you all will know. I still want the low down...???
  4. that's what we all said. LOL.
    but no..i think you'll enjoy every stage of the bag..from brand spanking new to an old saggy lady.
  5. :yes: and then..........:p
  6. Okay, okay...for now I want one..(BAD) and I know what I want. A birkin in gold...40. (ok, I do not know how to say everything, but I KNOW how it looks) I just would really love to know, when it does get a bit dirty, or saggy...are you all still in love??
  7. YEAH! I also told myself..JUST ONE, JUST ONE!!! yeah that was 4-5 bags AGO!!! I'm telling u it will NEVER stop!!!
  8. i know!! scary!! LOL.
  9. yes. and Hermes is magical when it comes to spa treatment for the tired looking bags.
  10. I would expect the saggy nature would be part of the charm of a 40 cm Birkin?
  11. Hermes bags sort of grow with you, like the girls said, from new to old you love them just as much. If not more as each mark makes it more yours in a way. And the girls are also right about the "only one" thing, lol.
  12. Thats why I ask what I ask...:confused1::confused1:
  13. I CAN NOT WAIT to randomly post my dream Birkin...thank you for indulging me in the mean time...isnt that how so many things start on this damn forum!! LOL
  14. I think you have the perfect choice for you, gold will look perfect with your coloring.
  15. I think it might blend in with my skin...but I WANT IT!!! I see it and I want to sell all my bags, but then I know...I will always love a little Gucci, and a little lv...