Question for my Chloe friends me decide on sandals!

  1. The two choices are:
    Christian Laboutin --(I have already pre-ordered these ...but, I could cancel)

    Please see pics...thanks...

    I just read that Christian Laboutin shoes are uncomfortable....I definately want them to be comfortable...the Chloe shoes have crepe soles...they look comfortable...opinions please!!!! Thanks!!
    chloe.jpg 0452564077859_275x275.jpg
  2. i like the chloe style better... it's more versatile!

    Chloe shoes are comfy btw :love:
  3. erm would you hate me if I said I didnt like either very much.

    The Chloe ones are not high enough to carry that thickness of strap at the front, and the louboutins look wrong too.

    Sorry, I think there are lots more gorgeous ones out there than those two. Hope I havent upset you.
  4. I want honest opinions thank you for being honest...I am just thinking the color of these would be great with tan legs this Summer....I am leaning towards the Chloe...there is something about them that I really like...they would look great with the new bags I'm getting, too!! (camel Bay and white Bouler)
  5. Christian Louboutin is really wellknown here, in France,his reputation is famous.I've never heard before his shoes was uncomfortable...but really wellmade.
    Could you return your shoes if they don't fit you?If you have this choice,I'll go for Louboutin!Hope you'll undrestand my english!
  6. btw...the Chloes are 4 inches tall....the Laboutins are only 2 1/2 inches tall...
  7. Thanks anilouann....the Christian Laboutin wedges are more feminine "I think"... the Chloes are more casual...I like them both, but not sure I would get enough wear per cost factor out of having both....that is why I am deciding on just one...
  8. My four inch Chloe boots are so amazingly comfortable (I have them on now) that I vote for the Chloe sandles based on that alone.

    BTW I'm a sucker for thick leather straps that cross over the front of the foot. Last the CB's look pretty dressy to me
  9. i luv the chloe sandals, i own one in a different style and they're comfy
  10. O.K. -- I just changed my order with Saks....I am now the proud owner of the 4 inch tall Chloe wedges!!! I even got the 10% discount, thanks to the post under Deals and Steals...thanks !!!
    I will post pictures when they arrive...
    (what a great excuse to get a pedicure....)
  11. congrats!
  12. Congrats:yahoo:
  13. Congrats! :biggrin:

    I would have gone with the Chloes, too.

    The Louboutins are very nice, but pretty dressy looking, IMO and even the softest patent is never as comfy as regular soft calf leather; especially in hot weather. :biggrin: