Question for Mulberry owners

  1. I love the look of the Mulberry Phoebe bag. Here is an e-bay auction of a color that I like:

    eBay: Authentic Mulberry Phoebe Bag in Oak Darwin Leather (item 250048360925 end time Nov-16-06 12:15:00 PST)

    In the description the seller indicates that this bag marks easily. I have this problem with a Kooba bag that I bought in tan - the slightest thing like a drop of water leaves a mark and it drives me nuts.

    I don't want a bag that I am afraid to use for fear of staining. Is that your experience with Mulberry? Thanks for any information you have. Peggy
  2. i have a bayswater in the darwin leather and it does get spotted easily in the rain. as the bag gets more wear, the spots have blended in - but i can still see them.
  3. Hi, I have 4 Mulberry bags: A Roxanne in olive, a Rosemary in black, a Phoebe in nude, and a Blenheim in oak. For the dark color ones I think the scratches are not a problem at all, because anyway we don't notice them. For the nude and oak, my experience is that they do get scratches from time to time, but I use Cadillac leather care and Cadillac leather protection spray on them, and that minimizes the problem. As for water stain, if you use the water repellent spray most likely it won't bother the leather at all. Personally I've never seen my Mulberry bags get water-stained.

    Overall, I love Mulberry bags and I think the leather is really of high quality. And according to their description, Darwin leather is supposed to get scratched easily because it can give the leather a beautiful aged look and make every bag unique (well, I guess what they mean is that it's difficult for two people to have the same amount and pattern of scratches on the bags).

    Hope this helps, :smile:
  4. I've got a Rosemary in mauve - and it got a little wet one day....just a few spots, but it was absolutely fine.:yes:

    I think, as with most leathers, it depends on each individual bag, as leather is a naturally variant material.

    I bought a chocolate Phoebe a little while ago, and that marked quite easily, yet the leather was thicker than my Rosemary. It's meant to be like that, kind of like a vintage effect.

    Because Mulberry use a natural vegetable dye tanning process, this can also vary how the bag 'ages' and how it 'scratches'.

    Personally i quite like a few scratches and scrapes - it takes away from the 'just new' bag look.:smile:

    If you don't like a bag that marks easily, then the Darwin leather is not for you.;)
  5. Scratches don't bother me but water marks do. So if I used a good leather water repellent it sounds like I could handle a Mulberry. I love the leather that Mulberry uses and it seems like it would be a very sturdy, durable bag besides the fact that I think it is beautiful. Mulberry bags look like they would get better looking with age which is part of their appeal to me.

    Thank you for your help. Peggy
  6. I have a Roxy in green. It got water spots on it which drove me nuts so I sent it off to be repaired. When I got it back the whole bag was much darker. Now it looks more vintage. They said that type of leather needs to be sprayed with water repellent.
  7. Yes I think you will find that they recommend a spray called Colonialli and I know that the Mulberry shops here in the UK sell it. This is used on the Darwin leather bags and they shouldn't mark with rainspots if you spray them before you take them out. I have a Blenhein in Darwin and it has worked for me, I also have an Araline in Nappa leather and this you don't need to spray - I have been caught in rain with it a number of time and the leather still looks as pristine as the day I bought it. The leather on Mulberry's is really fantastic and both mine have really got better with age and use.