question for moms..

Nov 21, 2006
what bag do you guys use for everyday? I have a 2 year old and I have a couple of speedies, which I LOVE, but sometimes such a pain. I'm looking for a good everyday bag, not too momish though!! LOL I was thinking of the large musette, but I dont think anyone hear really likes it too much. TIA:smile:


My dear Watson
Sep 19, 2006
i have the cabas mezzo and i love it! perfect for your things and kids things. i have 5 kids ages 7, 3 and 2y.o. triplets. my mezzo fits all things needed for all 6 of us. plus any junk DH wants to throw in. i also have the mono speedy 40 which holds everything i need, but it is handheld, so it's not as convenient. good luck with your decision!

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Speedy LoVer
Nov 17, 2006
I have 4 kids (9,8,5,and 4) and I :heart: my Mezzo and BH. These are great for when you need to wear it on your shoulder and carry alot of stuff. I also have quite a few of the Speedy 30 (Damier, Damier Azur, Mini Lin, MC (white), Neo....and just ordered the Epi 30 (black)). I LOVE the Speedy (obviously), but it's not as practical since you can't put it on your shoulder.

HTH! Let us know what you decide!:yes:


Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
My daughter is 10 months and my step son is 10. I use the Batignolles Horizontal...fits everything! If you looked in mine now there would be Robeez, bottles, ipod and everything else!!! Great too because it is lightweight and you can carry over your shoulder...I had to stop using my Speedy, and my papillon because I couldn't carry baby and the bag on my arm. I've also had to retire my vavin, my musette salsa and my mini looping since becoming a mom because they're impractical. I also sometimes use my accessories pouchette with my Petunia Picklebottom back pack..BUT I just picked up a Sophie at the Waikiki Boutique so maybe that will change soon!!!!!

Aug 20, 2006
i had a mezzo, and i did like it, but it was too big for me- i have one baby, and i just don;t need that much bag (however, i may get this bag again when I need more space). i am planning on getting a petit noe soon for an everyday bag b/c i want it to go on my shoulder comfortably, and for it to hold a diaper, wipes, and snacks. i also have the saleya mm, which is a GREAT bag, but sometimes it's just 'too much bag' for running to the store/park/etc.


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Nov 2, 2006
I have 3 oldest is 9 and my youngest is 4. I don't carry stuff around for them anymore though. I carried a diaper bag for too long and now I am enjoying my handbags! I carry my mono speedy 25 everyday. When I need to carry more because it's a long day out etc I just carry one of my vera bradley totes.


Dec 27, 2005
I loved using my Large Noe, it just seemed to fit everything. I also really loved it because the straps were so strong. I feel if you overload a bag and the straps are not strong or the bag is not made to be heavy it will eventually cause problems. I had my Noe for over 15 years and just gave it to my friend who has Breast Cancer and I felt needed a shoulder bag. I really miss that bag and found out it is coming out in the Damier Azur so I will have to see that in person again. Hand held bags to me do not work with kids and I did not like bags with flaps you had to get in to. Just my opinion but I loved this bag.