Question for members who own Mini Lin accessories in Dune...

  1. From what I know, it's already sprayed with a protector but I'm still nervous since the color is so light. Does anyone own a wallet or cles in Dune and uses it w/o the dust bag? Does it get dirtied, stained, etc.? How well does it hold up?

    I recently bought a Mini Lin wallet but I'm afraid I'll stain it and ruin it so I've been keeping it in the dust bag and lately, it's been getting really annoying! Every time I pay for something, I have to take it out of the dust bag and put it back in when I'm done. I'm thinking of using it without the dust bag and maybe putting items like pens and keys into a little pouch instead so that I don't have to worry about my keys scratching against it or a pen leaking.

    Sorry for the long post, I don't really know where I'm going with this but do you think my wallet will be okay if I use it w/o the dustbag?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated! TIA!! :smile::ty:
  2. bump =P
  3. i would sooo do the same thing with eeping in the dustbag and using people think im crazy when i do with my dentelle wallet--its sooo prettyyyyyy and the lace is so delicate to me i just keep it in the dustbag. lol...i guess we are perfectionist and want things to be perfect!...i always wanted to mini lin dune bag..but have been scared of getting it for the same reason. =(
  4. ^ glad i'm not the only one!


    is it safe to use my wallet without the dustbag?