Question for Medium Flap Owners

  1. Hi, does anyone have a picture of what can fit inside a medium flap??????

    TIA :heart:
  2. sorry, i'm being is a copy from my own thred....!!!!!
    i have auth card and booklet thingie....cuz this bag just came to me yesterday!!! lol i keep my camera in my LV cig case....i never leave the house without it~~~!
    and i have to have 2 sets of car keys (one for my car and DH's)
    but if i take daiper and wipes out, i can put my original kitty mirror in there....
    this way, i can even change my wallet to longer one....diaper takes a lot of poor new flap, taking abuse already --- i stuff my bags to max!



  3. Whooowaaa! That makes me wanna break out my MEDIUM!
  4. Wow, you are good at that! I have not even used my new medium but now I might!
  5. I am thinking about trading in my jumbo for a medium!
  6. wow it fits ALOT!!!!! okay medium it is...jumbo was too big for me when i tried it on!!! OMG i think i told u many times already.but i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur pink flap =]
  7. I'm impressed sophia618 with how much stuff you can carry in the medium flap!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Sophia, that medium flap is TDF, plain and simple. I'm not even a pink person, but that pink is just so "juicy" and sweet! Gorgeous!
  9. LOL :greengrin: Sophia, I tried this last Sat. my first out with my DS 225 reissue & of course my 2-yr old son. I love the double flaps = more pockets :tup:

  10. The medium flap is a little bit small for me.;)
    DSC06548.JPG DSC06546.JPG
  11. awww, thank you ladies for your sweet comment!!!

    hehehe.....thank you for LOVE LOVE LOVE-ing my pink flap!!!!:cutesy::heart:

    awww, thank you~~!!!! it sure is Juicy color and i LOVE it!!!!
    aaaaaaaaa~ i love this color~!!! i posted again~sowwy~~:cutesy::ninja:

    your bag is TDF!!!!! soooooooooo yummi~ i was checking out your thred and was so jealous!!!! yeahhhhh meeee toooo, i LOVE the double flaps - not that i'm using those pockets yet.....but this is the reason why i was attracted to med/large flap!!!! congrats on your 225 reissue!!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW PINK!!!!! i LOOOOOOVE your bag! this is the one i wanted originally.....until i got totallay distracted with beauty of dark pink!!! thank you for sharing!
  12. i love looking at that flap!
  13. stunning color! looks like peach in one of the pics. also my fav color~
  14. wow Sophia, you did a great job on getting all that fit into your medium flap! I'm impressed :tup: