Question for MC wallet/agenda owners

  1. Hi all. I'm really falling for the MC black Koala wallet. The only thing that puts me off is the interior lining which I believe is of calf leather? Just wondering if it gets dirty real bad or gets stained real easy? Pics would help to! Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm I don't know but I am wanting a mc wallet too in the future so I am hoping you get some responses.
  3. :yes: I have a mc cles, it's not vachetta so it doesn't pick up the dirt and it has actually remained quite clean.
  4. i have the cozy and so far so good...
  5. I have a Black MC PTI Wallet and a White MC Zippy Wallet. I had the same concern you have, about if the inside will dirty easily (especially the area where you put coins). Suprisignly I have had no problems with it. It is holding out pretty good.

    I know either of these are not a Koala wallet but if you would still like me to take pictures of the inside of these 2 wallets, just let me know. :biggrin:
  6. Thanks Ambee! Your feedback is really helpful. I believe the insides of your wallets are the same as the koala(s). Also, do you ever get marks on the card slot compartments?
  7. I have the black MC PTI and it has held up well...the only thing is that if you put change in the snapped compartment (which I do), it tends to get a little dark. Though that happens with most anything you put coins in.
  8. i have a black mc porte monnaie billets and only the coin compartment has gotten a little dirty.
  9. I have a black pochette wallet and a white PTI and no problems with getting dirty. I had an older black PTI ages ago that was second hand to me and it remained amazingly clean despite the outside getting dirty. I think it's definitely a treated leather that stays very light over time and resists dirt and wear well. Go for it!
  10. Just on another note ..did you get your street yet???
  11. the coin section can get abit dirty after while.
    MC coin.JPG
  12. i have a white MC pti, the interior doesn't get dirty like the vanchetta :smile:
  13. I have a black MC zippy wallet, the interior especially the coin section gets dirty, but can be cleaned using baby wipes:yes:.
  14. i have a black MC wallet (porte monnaie pochette) and it's not that dirty yet, but the zipper thingy did ruined the leather on the inside :sad: big scratches and all
  15. Ack no! :sad: Still waiting on it to arrive. The store here is getting extended, renovated and refurbished so most shipments of the show collections have been pushed back as oppose to other Oz stores. It's definitely coming in, just have to be patient. :yes: Also, apparently when the new store opens it will be getting more varieties of show collections compared to other states, something to do with promoting the new set-up etc. in Oz. That's what the manager told me. FYI, Love 2 is due for release in June.

    Ps. Congrats on your street! Just realized you got it! :nuts: