Question for 'MBMJ Dr. Q Groovee' owners!

  1. I am considering purchasing this bag (my 1st MBMJ if I do :tup:), however, I am curious to know if the Groovee would look too huge or just right on a petite 5"3 frame? Thanks to those who respond in advance!
  2. I bought it and returned it.

    I'm 5'4" and while it was a larger bag I didn't think it was overwhelming. I usually like medium sized ones and this was pretty close in height and depth to my medium bags; just the length was longer.

    I didn't like it for three reasons:
    1. I didn't like the look of the detachable shoulder strap and I prefer shoulder bags. Since I was planning to use it as a work bag I could manage without the shoulder strap.
    2. I thought it was too heavy for me. It would have been my heaviest bag.
    3. There were not enough usable pockets. I like to put my stuff in pockets and the pocket it had like the cell phone pocket were not functional. For example if I put my cell phone in the cell pocket and set the bag down, it was so slouchy that my cell phone slid out. SO the pockets were useless and I don't like bags with a giant compartment and no organization.

    After saying all those negative things, it is a really nice looking bag with great materials. It seems really nicely made. I bought the bordeaux color wich is beautiful IRL. It just doesn't work for me.

    Hope this helps...
  3. i have this bag in bordeaux as well. i am also 5'4. like zoeyzoo said, it is a medium sized bag, so it will not overwhelm a petite frame. just to give you a contrasting opinion though, i love the groovee bag. it is heavier than other bags in the mbmj line, but i am so accustomed to mj's heavier bags like the stam and the stella that this bag practically feels feather light.

    the bag can be shoulder carried, but it will be a snug fit. you can also use the shoulder strap, of course, but i've found that carrying it that way makes the bag lose its shape. there are enough compartments to fit my ipod, cell phone, metrocard, and keys, which are the items i need the most access to. also, the bag isn't so deep that things can become lost it in it. i've found that's the problem with larger bags like the ysl oversized muse.
  4. I received my Dr. Q Groovee today. It's as good as everyone has described so far:tup:

    I'm 5'0", but I do like carrying big bags sometimes (think YSL Muse--the big one). I wouldn't use the Groovee all the time due to its size, but it's a great size for travelling and in a way looks like highly-stylised duffel bag.

    This one's a keeper. I love the richness of the leather and how the Bordeaux leather is a great alternative for someone who likes Chocolate, but doesn't want another dark brown bag.
  5. I loved mine but after carrying it around and looking at it, I ended up returning it. It's a beautiful bag but was too slouchy and it was hard to find anything. If money was no object, I would have kept it. I ended up getting the Teri turnlock tote which works better for me.
    P.S: I'm 5"3 and it did not overwhelm me.
  6. hi there, i love this bag. i'm 5'2" and i got it in the bordeux as well. i love big bags because i have 2 little ones and always have their stuff to carry.
  7. I am officially a proud owner of the groovee in bordeaux ;) The bag wasn't overwhelming after all. Thanks to all those who replied. Much appreciated. :wlae:

    The only drawback to the bag is that it can be a tad bit slouchy and lose shape when worn on the shoulder if not stuffed with a bunch of my belongings.but overall, I am very happy with my purchase!
  8. Congrats JubJub123! Nice colour choice too:tup: