Question for Manhattan GM owners

  1. I love the bag but I'm unsure on the handle drop. Can current owners tell me if it's possible to still wear over the shoulder if you don't have slim arms? I'm afraid of the bag getting super heavy and it would be a good option to carry over the shoulder. TIA!!
  2. it is definately a handbag....a slim armed person could carry it on the shoulder but even if slim-arms had a coat on she could not pull it off.

    The salesperson showed me that it was a handbag before I bought it....I don't load it up to heavy.
  3. I don't have the GM but the PM fits on my shoulder fine. I am unsure of the difference in the handles however! Wish I could help more!
  4. I have a GM and I am not slim, and it fits on my shoulder. =)
  5. it fits on teh shoulder :smile:
  6. THANKS everyone! My sisters are in Europe right now and I'm going to ask them to get it for me in Paris. :wlae:
  7. I have normal sized arms and I can wear it on my shoulder over my winter coat.
  8. my arms aren't that slim, but i've managed to carry my Manhattan GM on my shoulder with my coat on :lol:

  9. It fits on my shoulder, but I do not find it comfortable at all. The rolled handles are too heavy.
  10. doesnt look comfortable... but i think it can be done..
  11. I tried one on wearing a cashmere turtleneck and camel hair peacoat and it's definitely a handbag on me with those layers on. I'm 5'4", US size 8.
  12. :nuts: you?!? NOT slim arms???:lol: You crack me up are are your arms:yes:
  13. ITA with twinkle.tink. It fits but it's not comfortable.
  14. A friend of mine bought the pm after she saw how I could carry in on my shoulder.

  15. and it looks great, too!

    hey, are those Manolos?....