Question for Mandy Owners!!!

  1. I'm debating whether to get a White Leather Mandy or not...
    So I'd like to know from Mandy owners:
    How does it fit on the shoulder and where does it drop to?
    If you have a WHITE Mandy, is there a lot of color transfer from denim or such?
    Is it too heavy?
    Basically, how do you like it?
  2. I have a Black Mandy. The drop is pretty good on me (I'm only 5'-2") - it falls about 10" for me. It feels good on my shoulders but it is quite a bit heavier than most Coach purses - lots of thick leather weight. I like my Mandy a lot because I like larger bags where I can stuff as much as I can into it (very good purse for carry-on on flights/travel, etc). If I could've afford it, I would've bought another Mandy in Whiskey or something. Good luck on your decision!
  3. I have a White Mandy & Whiskey Mandy, Love them both!

    For me, it fits comfortably on my shoulder, and my elbow rests on the front of the bag. I don't have color transfer because I won't wear it with dark denim. I have worn it with dark colors that I've had for a while that I'm sure won't transfer the color.

    It is a weighty bag, and could be uncomfortable if you stuff it full. But the width of the shoulder strap helps to balance it on the shoulder.

    I love my Mandys, and if COACH made it in other colors, I would consider another, in a heart beat...
  4. I have a Black Mandy also and I love it. I use it as my personal/diaper bag. I carry my things along with a few things for my 1yr old. It is a little heavier than most bags, but it is worth it. It really is not so bad carrying when I just use my things, like my wallet, sm cosmetic bag, wristlet, and mini skinny. I love the drop length and it sits on my shoulder comfortably and it stays put there too. I do not know about the white-I personally am afraid of white bags-esp. with the baby in tow.
  5. I love this bag, I own it in Whiskey, and yes its heavier then most bags, but the wide strap helps distributing the weight. I find it to be very comfortable. I just got a white hippie and I am very afraid of the color transfer. So I am saying a prayer my clothes don't bleed onto the white. But overall, its a great bag.....
  6. thanks everyone!
    i've heard complaints about the white ali having color transfer...i guess the mandy would be the same then?
  7. mhm
    I have a white Mandy and I absolutely love it. I actually had a hard time putting it away for winter because it's my favorite purse. Honestly, I have not had any color transfer whatsoever and I have worn it with a new pair of jeans, maybe I just got lucky!!

    It can be heavy if you over-stuff it obviously, but most of the time I don't, so it's comfortable!
    Good luck :tup:
  8. do you think you could post modeling pics with the white mandy?
    thanks so much!!
  9. Yes I will, I just have to find them....LOL
  10. Thanks so much!
    If I decide to get it, it's a 1.5 hour trip to the nearest outlet, so I'm trying to make sure I want it...
  11. I had to get these photos from another post, back in July 07! :lol:I deleted these photos from my computer, darn it, hope the photos give you an idea where the purse will fit on you. I am 5'9.
    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I love that bag! It must be mine....
  13. It is my favorite bag and I have a whiskey and khaki sig with black leather. I find it very comfortable on the shoulder.
  14. It looks great on you Krissy!
    I decided to get it and called my outlet to confirm they had it since I called two days ago and put it on hold.
    It turns out that the SA put the wrong bag on hold the whole time. He put the Ali on hold, not the Mandy.
    Now I'm trying to track down a white leather Mandy. ughh.
  15. does anyone know anything about this bag:
    It is a 2006 bag? Can it be found anywhere?

    and WHERE can i find a white leather mandy?! i'm hearing about so many people buying mandys from outlets and am going crazy trying to find one.
    some help please???