Question for Magnolia owners

  1. I have a question for all the lucky gals (and guys) who own a magnolia colored bag. I am thinking of purchasing one and I am wondering how does the color hold up to everyday use? Is it hard to take care of?
    I live in a city and it is hard to baby my bags on public transportation, etc. so would appreciate any advice on this color. I find it so beautiful!
  2. Magnolia is such a gorgeous color I find that the extra babying is worth it. Admittedly I have a small toggle clutch/baguette purse so it doesn't get banged into things as much as a larger bag would. So far I have used it as a weekend bag-shopping, going out to dinner, movies, etc, and I am only seeing dark smudges on the edges of the weaving on the corners. These came out after wiping with a damp cloth, very gently. The opening is such that I have to pull on the edges to open the bag, and I am not seeing any smudges there yet. I do make sure I'm not using oily, dirty fingers when handling this bag though! I have not treated my bag with any leather protector because I am too chicken to do so, but maybe someone else here has and can offer some advice.

    It is a stunning color and makes me smile everytime I see it. I think you should go for it...which bag are you considering?
  3. I have a medium veneta in magnolia and definitely needs extra babying... The color is so beautiful that to be honest, I dont mind.
  4. Thanks ouija board and crabtreemeeko for your honest opinions. I am thinking of getting another ball bag in magnolia. I find the ball works well for me on an every day basis but my current ball is ebano so I don't have to worry about it. If I end up buying it I will be sure to post photos.
  5. You are welcomed!!
  6. Oooh!! I hope you do get the Ball in Magnolia, NWpurselover! It's such a gorgeous gorgeous colour! :yes:
  7. If you do, check out Anthony's leather cleaner (2 blks from the SF boutique) as it is marketed as a leather cleaner/ moisturizer that works on any color including white. BV takes most of their repairs there I believe...
    It's such a great color! Let us know if you get one.
  8. Your welcome! Hope you get that ball bag in magnolia--it's such a beautiful color. As long as you're not planning to use it as your everyday bag (or Denise Richard's diaper bag), it should be fine with some extra care.
  9. oooh, the magnolia is such a pretty pretty color. i tried it on at the store and it looks really delicate. Sadly, i saw some dirt marks on the bag, and the bag was on display for less than a week only. And that's inside the boutique. i had to just let it go.
  10. OT: i think I missed this. what happened to Denise Richard's diaper bag? :confused1:
  11. Pics were posted of her on the celebrity thread using her veneta as an apparent diaper bag, and it looked like it had been dragged through the mud several times- dark stains on the sides and bottom.
  12. I have a magnolia bag and have decided to get another bag in the same style in noce because I can't carry the magnolia every day.
  13. I treated mine with Collonil Nanopro - and carry my magnolia Campana daily and have yet to have a problem. I take a quick peek at it every night when I get home and use a slightly moistened cloth to get anything off. So far, the handles are the only things that have ever needed my attention.
  14. ^^ Definitely. I was going to say that treating it with Collonil Nanospray might help. I have a darker colored Veneta but when I first got it, it seemed to just attract makeup and dirt. After I've sprayed it, I haven't had any problems and even if I do get something on it, it wipes right off. Hope that helps!