Question for Magnolia Bakery lovers in NYC

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm flying over to NYC next week (Columbus Day Weekend) and I was wondering if anyone knows if Magnolia Bakery will remain open?
    When I went last Christmas, I was so disappointed to find that it was closed for holidays, so I am DYING to try their cupcakes?
    Does anyone know and if so what's the best time to go (no lineups)?
  2. Also can anyone recommend good places to eat?
    Everytime I've been to NYC I've either been cheap and ate McDonalds or Ramen, or I'm with my family and we ate Chinese and Korean.
  3. There's way too many good places to even start recommending anything. I'll tell you what I used to do when I lived there: go to and look at NYC's site. Choose the category for the kind of food you want or the neighborhood you're going to be in and you'll get tons of good recommendations.

    And about Magnolia, call them to make sure they'll be open. They can also tell you the best time to go to avoid a line. I found weekend nights to be very busy (long lines, etc). Try mornings during the week. Good luck and have fun!
  4. I've always seen a line there, but make sure you eat the banana pudding! It's TO DIE FOR delicious! Even if you're not a fan of banana pudding (which I'm not), it's really one of the best things they've got!
    ENJOY NYC!!!!!!
  5. thx guys! :happydance: