Question for LV Owners in the Philippines

  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering how you store your bags? Do you use mothballs? My friend mentioned that these bags should be airconditioned 24/7 in order to prevent molds? Is this true? Any input would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  2. Hi there! I'm from Manila and I don't keep my bags air conditioned or anything like that. I just keep them in the dustbags then put them inside their boxes. If I don't get to wear them out for awhile, I just air them out every so often. No need for mothballs! Just make sure that you don't leave any liquid (like make up or perfume) in the bags when you store them. Hope this helps! :tup:
  3. hey. i don't use mothballs either...i wouldn't at all. i just put them in their respective dustbags and in the closet. i don't store them in the boxes though. i use them from time to time. i change bags more or less every week so all of them will get their fair chance of use. :yes: hehe.

    it is definitely not stored in an airconditioned room 24/7...only in the evenings when i am off to sleep. ;)
  4. same here..i just put them in their dustbags in my mothballs either..maybe i should also air them out once in a while.
  5. i don't use mothballs, and i don't think it's a good idea. coz the smell will stick to your bag and it's not necessary. mine's stored in their dustbags when im not using them then i put them in my closet. (and it's not airconditioned 24/7). so far so good!
  6. Whatever you do, don't put mothballs. The stench will stick to the bag and is quite difficult to get rid off. Also, any Filipinos who have pics of our celebrities with their LVs?
  7. same here, i just put them in their dustbags and then into the boxes. just make sure they're dry before storing them though. i once stored one of my bags, not knowing it's still damp from the rain. when i used it again weeks later, it had some molds:tdown:
  8. Hi There,

    Here's some links for Filipino celebs with their LV's:

    HTH! ;)