Question for Luxury Line owners!

  1. I just purchased the Lux Line Shopping tote in metallic black last Thursday. I love it and it is a beautiful bag that smells yummy! This is the most I have spent on a bag so far. I have a B-Bag, LV's & a Cambon Tote but because the Lux Line costs so much money, I was wondering if after you purchased it crossed your mind that you can get 2 bags for the price of one Lux Line Chanel? I know it is a Limited Edition and it is CHANEL but just curious on your thoughts about this? I haven't worn mine yet & I don't have buyer's remorse just wondering if this is normal? :huh:
  2. the luxe line is Ltd?
    I refused to spend that much on a bag!!!. . . until I put it on my shoulder! I ADORE my luxe flap in metallic black!
    Yes, I occasionally think about how I could buy up to 4 other designer bags, but none could measure up for me personally!
  3. yeah i definitely thought about that... and i felt guilty for over a week. i kept thinking.. "i could have bought a laptop with that money, or two desktops, or a big screen tv, or that sofa that my mom's been wanting..." but like swankymama said, after i actually took it out of the dustbag and put it on my shoulder, those feelings disappeared. hehe. and i get so many compliments when i take my bowler out! :smile:
  4. Yes that's how I felt about my reissues too, but when I carry them, there is just no comparison!! Luckily I havent fallen for the Luxury Line (yet)
  5. I am in LOVE:love: with my gold bowler. I wouldn't trade it for anything.:biggrin:
  6. How much does the Luxury Line retail for? I hope to get one soon.
  7. My Luxury flap was about $2200 I think{?}
  8. The medium bowler is $2160.
  9. The Luxury By Chanel line is totally worth it. If you see it and want it, buy it because they don't last long.

    There is so much detail and craftsmanship that goes into each bag. My SA told me that the leather in the chain handle is hand woven and sometimes braided (Flap Bag). The chain in the body of the bag is a time consuming process. Each leather tail has to be worked into the loop of the chain and then the body of the bag can be sewn. The interior is leather lined.

    I use my Luxury Bags all the time. I have the Flap Bag in Gold Metallic Goatskin ($2225) and a Medium Bowling Bag in Black Metallic Goatskin ($2160). I'm planning on purchasing the Flat Shopping in Denim but I'm unsure on which size I should buy. The Flat Shopping in Denim is $1425 and the Large Flat Shopping in Denim is $1625.

    The Luxury Bags are not limited in terms of a limited edition number. But the bags are limited in the sense of there are only so many they can produce a season. I think they are continuing with the style next season, but the colors and shapes may change.

    These bags may be equivalent to a plasma TV or a laptop or even 2 other designer bags, but for me, there is no question as to which I would choose! Luxury By Chanel is my new Birkin.
  10. Thanks Ladies, you guys are great! I really appreciate the feedback. I am glad I am not the only one who has these thoughts!
    From what the SA told me when I purchased, the Luxe Line is limited in production and they are not sure on what styles will be continued for fall. They invited me to the trunk show tomorrow but I have to work. I am sure they will have more information after the trunk show.
    The large flat shopper is $1795.
  11. SwankyMamaof3, Beautiful bag!
    What size is this? The measurements would be helpful please.
    :smile: TIA.
  12. I have the silver flap bag. I must admit I swallowed hard when I got it. But it is pretty.
    It's funny because I consider myself an LV collector, but I have 4 chanels: white caviar jumbo, black caviar jumbo, grey reissue and silver flap == and they were all more expensive than most of my LVs.
  13. There's only one size in the Luxe Line - here's the *approximate* measurements:
    12" wide
    5.5" deep
    8" tall

    Here's more photos including me wearing it, I'm average build and about 5' 2-3"
    DSCF1347.jpg DSCF1341.jpg DSCF1344.jpg
  14. I love my black lux line regrets
  15. ditto. . . ut now I'm hooked!
    I wanna red one too and I am DYING to know what's in store this fall/winter!