question for Luccibag

  1. Luccibag, in a previous thread I saw you had a Chanel messenger in white. Can you tell me what fits inside of it? Do you find it to hold all you need it to?

    It looked so nice on you, and I might want one now too. Thanks.

  2. you could PM her;)
    she could miss your post and since its's specific to a member it's probably a better idea to PM anyhow.
  3. I know this is specifically for Luccibag but I bought the messenger too after seeing how great it looked on Luccibag. I love it, I can get all my essentials - phone, lipgloss, compact, small wallet to fit very comfortably. It's a super little bag.
  4. Swanky, thanks, I never even thought to PM her, good idea

    Rose, thanks for responding. I only saw it on Luccibag so I thought I'd ask her. But since you have the same bag, I'm glad you responded. Glad to know the essentials fit in this bag and that you are happy with it.

    Thanks :flowers:

  5. Hi. I always check into Chanel. *wink*

    It does fit my essentials. I usually carry it when I go to a museum, or sightsee. Its great for trips, so instead of my small wallet I carry my LV key cles(with ID and cash), my digital camera, cell phone, my lipstick and lipgloss. I usually have a little room left in case I need to put something else in. The only thing is its a little on the narrow side, so nothing really wide fits. All in all I think its a great little bag and very convenient.;)
  6. Thanks Lucci!

    I am really into this bag. Glad to know what it holds, thanks for responding. I really love it in the white too.
  7. You're welcome, and thanks for the sweet compliment! Let us know if you track one down!