Question for Longchamp Pliage Owners...

  1. ...just got the shopping tote in red nylon and I love it, but the brown leather shoulder straps keep sliding off my shoulders! Anyone else have this problem? Will this get better once the straps get broken in? Thanks!
  2. My longchamp is not a pliage, I love it, but it does slip off my shoulder, mine has a kind of stiff handle, so I went and bought a luggage shoulder pad for it so when I travel and stick my computer in it I use it with this shoulder pad and it stays put and does not hurt my shoulder.
  3. mine is the medium size pliage with zipper and one strap often slip off. so now i just hand carry it. i still love the bag for a casual day out though.
  4. It gets better over time because the handles are stiff in the beginning. It also helps when it's kind of "weighty".

    Good luck!
  5. I have the red shopper too and love it. I second Suli, the bag is easier to carry when it has something a little bit heavy in it.
  6. Thanks everyone!!
  7. i have the same problem, smallfry...just something i've had to learn to live with, unfortunately, as they're too fabulous to avoid using frequently :smile: