Question for long time Coachies

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  1. I have only been following Coach for about three or four years. Really indulging in 2009. 2010 is going to be even more indulging :graucho:.

    I have just caught on that Coach has produced some really cute poodle fobs. I have the pink patent one on the way and currently looking for the silver crystal one (not sure what year this one came out). Ebay has a couple of them. Since I am a Standard Poodle nut, I am drawn to these..:nuts:

    Question being what else has Coach produced that is per say "Poodle" related? I am on a mission! LOL!

  2. not sure maybe someone will chime in, but you pups are adorable!!!!
  3. I own a standard poodle and have been a Coachie for almost 4 years. I passed on the pink poodle fob, it made me mad that that's all the justice Coach could give to the standard poodle when other dogs get all kinds of detail, the standard poodle fob just got glossy pink with indented Cs. I didn't buy the poodle rhinestone 3-D metal fob you speak of either because I keep hearing that the rhinestones fall out of these kind.
    I just gave up so I don't have any Coach poodle fobs. I know that years ago maybe in the 70's or 80's Coach made a crude looking standard poodle fob that is just the image of a poodle cut out into a piece of leather and some furry stuff glued around the neck area for hair. When those pop up on ebay they sell for a lot even though they are so simple.
  4. Thanks Nite! They are little fur humans! LOL! I swear my Standard Brown girl "Truffles" loves all my purses too. She loves to sit with me and drool! HA!

    Opps- Thanks for the info on the rhinestones, thats a bummer as it's the best looking one I have seen.
    I think I may have seen one from the early 80's. It was white with some kind of "fuzzy" stuff around the neck. Hardly looked like a poodle <sigh>
  5. lol awww they are so cute!!! coach has been slacking on alot lately!