Question for lmb users!

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  1. I'm ready to make the $60 investment to purchase the loving my bags kit but my question is how long do the products last? Could you do multiple bags multiple times? How often do you repurchase the product???
  2. I've done 2 Speeds and my Delightful GM and there's still tons left. That's all the purses I have that have vachetta. I'm sure you could do about 10 purses :confused1: or else repeats on several purses and since repeats are once a month or every other month, I think it will last you a long time.
  3. It all depends on how many bags you have and the styles of your bags. If you own styles with vachetta bottoms or have more than five bags, I would recommend purchasing an additional cleanser. I always run out of cleanser first and I find that the Protection (Step 2) & Conditioner (Step 3) last quite a bit longer.

    Also, inside the kit is (1) or (2) very small sponges and (2) or (3) microfiber cloths. I use the sponges for cleaning and the microfiber cloths for applying Step 2 & 3. A small sponge will only last long enough to clean one bag & they are not reusable. I tried using the cloths to clean, but they hardly pick up any dirt. Additional sponges (it's a larger size than what is in the kit) and cloths are available for sale separately for $1.00 each.