Question for little people

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  1. Yesterday I was chattng with my g/f, she's a little person. anyway I said how a pap 26 would be perfect for her. She isnt into lv but loves me bags. I told her i'd send her a pic of this bag and see what she thinks. She thinks its cute but almost died when she saw the elux price. I told we could check ebay and find her a great used one for half the price. Well of course then she got looking on her own (I think she's going to get hooked fast) She mentioned that she'd like a shoulder bag. I dont think the pap30 will work on her, just because of her arms being smaller /shorter and it think the bag will become more of a pita then anything. I was wondering about the popincourt haut, because of the adjustable handles.

    Keep in mind size is a big issue due to her size. IF she's lucky she's 4 1/2 feet tall. She doesnt carry big bags to begin with. I'd say she could fit everything in a denim pleaty, and suggested that bag but its more then she would spend and even used we wont get one in her price range.

    Also she doesnt drive, she rides the bus everywhere and works in a hospital, i dont think the denim would hold up.

    any other suggestions?
  2. I know some women don't like the strap on the Looping bag but the MM is a really nice size for petites IMO and they usually don't run high on ebay either.
  3. hmmm Never thought about that.. i'll check it out.
  4. You are such a great friend to help her with this. I can imagine that things like this that we all take for granted pose a great challenge to someone of her height. I'm new to this LV thing so this may not be a plausible suggestion, but would LV shorten the straps on a bag for her to accomodate her size (for a fee of course) or could a shoe repair/leather shop do the alterations to the strap for her? That way she could choose a shape and size that meets her needs without having to worry as much about the strap length. Just a thought. Good luck helping her find the perfect bag!
  5. I'm not sure if they would or not. But also the size of the bag is going to be a big issue, plus she isnt a big bag person. Also because she only using the bus to travel she would need some thing that has a zipper or closes at least.

    I was just thinking about this
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] i'm not at all familiar with this bag.
  6. The buckets also have adjustable straps! Maybe a petite bucket?
  7. Or a musette salsa, they are relatively small right?
  8. Wont work, its has an open top and its too long of a bag. For me it hangs to my hip for her it would be much longer.
  9. It looks good, i'm just wondering if she'd have issues digging in the bag. Her arms are only about half our length.
    I'm trying to be as helpful as i can for her. I don't want her to get frusterated. Also she is so well adapt to things I want this to be a good experience for her.
  10. What about...
    -a Viva Cite PM?
    -a Mini Looping?
    -a Recital?

    These styles are relatively small and she may not have enough room for everything she needs to carry though.
  11. Some of my thoughts: Pochette Croissant (many on eBay for a good price), Recital (:heart:), Illovo PM, Saleya PM
  12. i think the recital will be too small for her.I've been wondering about the mini loop myself and have that on the list for her to look at.
    I think i located a cite pm on let trade. i'm going to show her that.

    thanks for your suggestions.

  13. Sayela pm wont go over her shoulder and the bag itself is too big. Recital is too small, Croissant is good, i'll pass that one along (thanks) and the Illovo not familiar with that bag but i'll take a look. Thanks
  14. I am about 4 inches taller. I will do a good deed. I will go to the boutique and try some on hehe
  15. :smile: thanks