Question for leather experts

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  1. Prompted by the thread about Vache Liegee, I have another question. I had once been told that Ardennes and Fjord were pressed leathers. I was in fact told this by Claude of NY fame. I thought this meant the grain was presssed not narural, but am wondering if I misunderstood and that these leathers are put through a pressing process that makes them stiff. Wondering if this is also the process that makes Vache Liegee stiff.
    Claude told me that the natural grains, like Togo and Clemence, are a result of shrinking during the tanning process. Maybe it just enhances the texture of the grain. I am guessing that this also softens the leathers.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Fjord is tanned like Togo and Clemence - Fjord is adult bull but Clemence is baby bull. :smile: