Question for Le Pliage Cuir owners???

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  1. I wanted to know if the wrinkles come out of these gorgeous bags over time? If so can you guess how long?? I've just bought two and one is a little better than the other. I am hoping they will fall out with regular use (and soon:graucho:)??? I realize I need to store them stuffed and not fold them, which I will do!
  2. I pulled mine back out today to use, but I also had it folded to store it, so I do have a few small wrinkles in mine. That said...the wrinkles don't really bother me all that much - it looks more like an element of the natural squishiness of the leather - definitely nowhere near as pronounced as the fold lines that I have with my nylon LPs. :smile: I'll keep you posted on whether they fall out as I use it, as I'm planning to stay parked in this bag for at least the next couple of weeks.
  3. I was wondering the same thing! I posted a picture of mine in that other Le cuir thread recently.
  4. My le Pliage cuir tote is very wrinkled. But, I'm not sure if it bothers me yet. LOL. I think I'm just spoiled by the sleekness of my planetes tote. The cuir seems way more casual.
  5. Great thanks, I would like to know!
  6. I saw your post and figured I'd try to find out starting a new thread! There must be someone who knows!!
  7. Bump
  8. I also have a question for heavy-usage / longtime cuir owners:

    Does the le pillage cuir shows a lot of wear and tear after some time (either due to age or daily usage)?

    I did feel the leather at the boutique, it was very soft and thin. At the same time, it made the bag felt light too. This bag will be good for my shoulders, but am afraid the leather might be too thin to last long.

    Appreciate any comments / reviews. Thank you.
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402997739.368056.jpg

    I have a few le pliage cuirs and this is the lease creased of all. I think it depends on the leather (earlier models were super soft lamb compared to the later ones from fall 2013 like fuchsia and cumin on the photo). I haven't used this. I assume the seller stored this with stuffing. All my other cuirs were folded when I got them and I have not used for very long. I actually don't mind that there are creases so i store them folded myself :smile: BUT I agree--- the corners wear very easily so as much as I would want to make it an everyday bag because it is very light and can we worn across the body, I can't! I guess that's the price you pay for having a light bag made of lamb leather. I wouldn't have it any other way. Calf leather won't look as yummy. I super love the slouch and the softness.
  10. My new LP Cuir in Fuchsia has no creases but it's otherwise weird; I treated it with a leather balm (still haven't used it) and some parts of the bag seemed to be VERY dry and thirsty so the balm sunk right in whereas other parts didn't take in any balm. This left my bag looking like it's got huge, dark stains on it. Not really impressed. I did get it at a -40% discount but it was still expensive IMO, taking the quality into consideration. I gave it a seeing to with Stübben saddle soap and it looks a bit better now, but still doesn't look like a new bag.

    Anyone else gotten a bag that's as dry as Sahara? Could that be the reason for creasing as well?