Question for Large Carly owners..

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  1. I just received my new large Carly in khaki/gold on Friday from JAX and i noticed that when I zip it shut the zipper doesn't close all the way to the end-are your's like this? My medium choc Carly zips completely closed. Do you think I have a defective one?
  2. when i got my khaki chambray large carly that i returned it did the same thing.. thats why some coach bags have like the zipper kind of sticking out from the bag with the holes on the side.. cuz it s hard to get a big bag to zip all the way???
  3. I just checked mine and it zips fine. Maybe take it back to the store and try another one?
  4. my chambray does that...and, honestly, it's the first time i've noticed it (i went to go check, lol)
  5. Yep mine does it but not so bad that anything (even a penny) would ever fall out.
  6. From personal experience, I've found that it does it in the large leather, Medium (Sig) and the Pouch (sig).
    Don't worry, your stuff won't fall out =)
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