Question for ladies who have Chanel pearl necklaces

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  1. Hello all,

    I posted a necklace in the authenticate this thread, but I would like some information from those of you who have Chanel pearl necklaces. Does anyone have a pearl necklace that has no stamp at all? I received my necklace in the mail and could not find a stamp anywhere.

    Mine doesn't have this or any stamp/etching at all:

    Here's the necklace I bought:

    burberryprncess told me:
    No oval stamp or plate does not sound good at all. I have the exact same pearl necklace purchased back in 2007 for the same retail price of $695 and it has the oval marking.

    I contacted the seller and she said:
    Good Morning, I purchased this Chanel Pearl Necklace at Saks Fifth Avenue with (name removed) my personal shopper In Orlando, Florida.That Authentic Chanel Pearl Necklace is around eight years old...I have only purchased Authentic Designer items...I do not know why there is no stamp on the clasp...Maybe they did not put them on back then.Please take it to Chanel Store,they will authentic this necklace.

    I would just like to take a survey to see if it's possible that an authentic necklace would not have a stamp or any marking that says
    Chanel and the registered trademark.

    Thank you so much and I hope I posted this correctly.
  2. janeatte, I bought this exact same necklace from you...mine has the engraving starting with 09. You may like to bring the necklace to the boutique for authentication for piece of mind.
  3. I have the same exact necklace that was bought around Dec 2008 and it has oval stamp marking.
  4. I have the same necklace with the oval (09 CHANEL made it Italy or france...I don't remember), but I haven't paid it 695$ sigh!!! Maybe it is a mistake during the production..but nobody see it??
  5. \

    Unfortunately, employees at the Chanel boutiques or authorized retailers are not authorized to authenticate.
  6. can you contact the SA at Saks and verify the purchase? not a guarantee, but maybe a little more insight.

    I have a couple of pieces where the stamp just fell off.. one ring in particular comes to mind... but seems that on this piece it is engraved in the metal.
  7. My SIL has the exact same necklace and hers has the stamp. :thinking:
  8. Thanks for your responses!
    The seller sent another response:
    Good Morning, I went to the Chanel Boutique yesterday. The Chanel Store is located at the "Mall At Millena" Orlando, Florida 407-352-5100. The Chanel Boutique from Saks Fifth Ave moved when the mall opened...I spoke with the assistant manager she has been employed by CHanel for seven years.Not all of Chanel pearls have a tag or stamp on the clasp.My fiance' and I looked at one just like the one you purchased from me. Identical 2010 version without stamp in clasp or tag. It now retails for $875.00, seems like you got a great deal at $ 575.00...If you still are not happy with this transaction.Please send the Chanel pearls back to me.In the condition they were received...I will give you your money back...If you decide to ship them back all tags have to be attached in the box. I hope this helps you make a decision...As I have stated many times ALL my items are 100% AUTHENTIC!If you look on my site, most of my CHANEL is older...Please let me know...Have a great day!

    I want to believe her! Thoughts?
  9. I was thinking that maybe the necklace I have had the tag with the Chanel stamp (as opposed to the stamp being etched onto the clasp) and that maybe it fell off? The necklace I have still had the tags on it, but it could have easily been tied back on if she wore it a few times. Maybe that's how the tag came off? Or maybe I am just doing wishful thinking.

    Also here is another necklace (not sure if it is authentic) also dated 00V and it has the stamp on the clasp:
  10. she seems genuinely concerned that her item be perceived as authentic and that you are satisfied...which is a good sign

    perhaps call a local boutique and pose the question?

  11. That's exactly what mines look like.....with the oval plate stuck to the clasp. As I stated before, it retailed for $695 back in 2007. The oval hanging plate is a current style, which I saw at the Chanel Boutique. Prior that, it was the oval etching. And prior, prior to that was the oval plate stuck to the clasp. Could the oval plate had come off? It can and was the case with one of my belt that had the oval plate. However, when it came off, it left a permanent dent mark. Fortunately, I found the oval plate and was able to glue it back in place.
  12. I don't remember seeing a permanent dent mark on the clasp. I will check again when I get home. I would think it would be pretty noticeable though?

    What do you think about what she said about this:
    My fiance' and I looked at one just like the one you purchased from me. Identical 2010 version without stamp in clasp or tag.

    Seems strange, do you think she's lying?
  13. ^I don't know. When my oval plate fell off my belt clasp, it left a mark. Because it was so tiny, I can barely tell if it was glue or a dent, but to me, it felt and looked like a dent. Unfortuntely, I'm not familiar with this seller, but their feedback history looks good to me. I do know, one cannot compare 2010 pearl necklace to pearl necklace manufacturered back in 2007 because the 2010 version has the hanging oval tag whereas the 2007 version had the oval plate stuck to the clasp.
  14. Wait for Smoothoprter to comment. I've sent a PM to her to come to this thread to comment.
  15. Can you please post magnified pictures of your necklace?

    I need to see magnified pictures of:

    1) both sides of the lobster claw clasp
    2) the underside of the CC charms
    3) the seed pearls in the CC charms from a horizontal angle (need to see how deeply they are set)