question for LA people...

  1. Similar to the thread , I would like to live in LA one day and was wondering a couple of the same things that young_princess was wondering so ill just copy and paste if you dont mind:smile: :

    -how much is sales tax? do u get taxed on everything?
    -approximately how much do u pay for rent? which location?
    -ball park how much do u need to make in a month to live in nyc?

    Anything else that you find important and about how much money you think need/should make a year, TIA!:wlae:
  2. Sales tax is 8.75% I believe. Rent in a decent area (not great, but decent) would be about $1,500 for a one bedroom. Maybe a bit less, depending. Los Angeles is a very expensive place to live. You can go to and just look are some different areas and see what rents are.
  3. Sales tax is 8.25%. You get taxed on everything.

    I don't pay rent where I live, but I have a relative who lives in OC, and he pays $2K/month for a 2-bedroom. I have a friend who lives just east of Hollywood, and she pays about $600/month for a studio. If you want to avoid all the parking nightmares, it's slightly less in the San Fernando Valley (slightly north of Hollywood).

    I think you'd be fine if you made $40K/year, but some sacrifice would be involved. For example, you'd have to buy your own lunch from the grocery store, you'd have to drive a "practical" car, and you may have to live in a not-so-nice area.

    Oh, and unlike NYC, you really do need a car here. Public transportation exists, but it's unreliable. You do get to see celebs often, but after a while, you get used to it, and the paparazzi become annoying. Quite honestly, I hardly recognize them. It's only when someone else points them out to me that I do notice, or they're really hard to miss, like Paris Hilton (then again, the paparazzi that follow them really give them away, too). Get used to sitting in traffic, too. I always assume anywhere I go takes double the time mapquest says it will.

    I know I've said a lot of negative, but I've lived in LA my whole life, and I love it! The weather is awesome, and there's so much to do here.
  4. The sales tax in Orange County is 7.75%. I know you asked about LA but I've lived in both counties and love both of them equally! My parents live in LA so I'm in LA almost every weekend and it helps that it's only 30-45 minutes apart. You should definitely consider the not-so-well known parts of the OC if you come to California like any of the beach cities, i.e. Hermosa Beach, Seal Beach, Manhattan Beach, and even inner cities like Anaheim, Costa Mesa and Irvine. Beautiful, gorgeous areas only minutes from shopping and the beach!
  5. OC-- tax is 7.75

    I pay an approx 1,000 per month for a 1 bedroom in Westminster/Garden Grove area.
  6. There are a lot of suburbs to the LA area, including, but not limited to; San Frenando, Malibu, West Covina, San Gabriel valley, hermosa beach, redondo beach, bel air, arcadia, long beach, santa clarita, Palos Verdes, Pacific Palisades, Holmby Hills, Canyon Country, Ventura County and Orange County.

    That's just off the top of my head, so I am sure I have forgotten some.

    Sales tax veries from county to county....yes, you're taxed on everything but grocery food.
  7. I think im actually gonna do this one day! ...ill probably be living with roomate/bf in a rented apartment so yeah I hope it wont be too bad, thanks for the facts guys :smile: (If anyone else wants to add anything go ahead!)